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This Week in America with Ric Bratton
Issues that matter to you.
Category: Spoken Word
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by Ric Bratton
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July 21, 2017 10:27 AM PDT


The book is all about a series of poems about everyday life whether you are in school, work or whatever you do, whether positive or negative. If it is positive, how can you keep it going. If it is negative, how will you overcome and turn it into positive.

I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and moved to Canada when I was very young. I lived in Scarborough since I was three years, and from there, I moved to Markham. I loved living in Scarborough because I had a great experience, especially when I was in school. My favorite subjects I learned were English, geography, history, and music. In Markham, I really gained a love for athletics and sports, such as running and basketball. Gym class was one of my favorites when I went to elementary school in Markham, which was Coppard Glen, and as I got to high school, which was Middlefield Collegiate Institute. I loved going that high school because I got to learn a lot about how different people are, especially their personalities. I also made a lot of great friends at that school and had a lot of great teachers who taught me how to be successful in life.

July 21, 2017 10:22 AM PDT

The Revelation Unlocked
Author: Carolyn M. Prince

Prophetic events in The Revelation of Jesus Christ have been locked from our understanding ever since they were given to John about AD 95. However, God has never intended that His people be in darkness during the fulfillment of latter-day prophecies. Daniel was told that the words of his latter-day prophecy were closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Then none of the wicked will understand, but the wise will understand. This is “the time of the end”! Now, at last, symbols in Revelation, as well as other parts of the Bible, are explained from Scripture in a way that can be easily understood.

The Revelation Unlocked tells about the redemption of Israel and explains the series of events by which Almighty God will bring into effect His promises given in Genesis to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, ultimately revealing His supreme power over all creation. This enlightening, thought-provoking, and easy-to-read book includes many end-time details never before never before pointed out in scripture.

Carolyn M. Prince is a business, church, and civic leader residing with her husband in Loris, South Carolina. At a young age, she often saw latter-day prophecy different from the way it was presented. She thought she was just confused, but later the Holy Spirit led her to realize this may not be the case. She asked God to help her see the truth during Bible study; and when studying latter-day prophecy, most of the time, the Holy Spirit led her to understand it completely different from what was being taught by others. Prayerfully, she told God that if He would show her the truth from Scripture, she would write it down. After many years of Bible study, the answer to that prayer resulted in The Revelation Unlocked.

July 21, 2017 10:16 AM PDT

"Judge Alvin Wong" new from Matt Shea

Judge Alvin Wong is a modern-day story with yesterday’s lessons—all encompassed within a traditional Wild West setting. This all-American story typifies a struggle that exists everywhere: the battle between upper class and the so-called lower class.
Matt Shea exemplifies this quirk in human nature by going a step further. He throws in a streetwise Chinese American judge, a crafty individual who uses his charm and common sense to dance around racial barriers while resolving issues.
The pinnacle of this story is when a brash rancher named Blaine Wolf sets himself up to be sentenced by Judge Alvin—in a saloon. Blaine is pompous about his wealth and uses every opportunity to highlight it. In fact, he went as far as suing a humble ranch hand—only to disgrace him in court over a small debt. From there, more salt is poured when the plaintiff elects to drop the case midstream, thus denying the hired hand any dignity.
Judge Alvin Wong tips the scales even when Blaine tries to save face. Foolishly, he grants Alvin permission to informally sentence him while others watch.
The result?

A harmless, yet poetic justice is set in motion —a soul-searching trek that has one rancher learn about life, and the goodness of our Lord.

Matt Shea considers himself extremely blessed by his family; his three brothers and two sisters have always shown him great support. Unlike many families, they still gather with their parents for family holidays. The Shea family values are based on accepting everyone, and they especially care for senior citizens and the disadvantaged.

His daughter, Laura, along with his nieces and nephews, share their world with the rest of the family. Through the young people, the adults get to relive their own childhood.

A union worker for thirty-two years, Matt found himself surrounded with average people and got a close look at what their lives were all about. This opened his eyes and taught him many lessons about others as well as himself.

When Matt retired in June of 2010, he pursued his lifelong dream of becoming an author. His inspiration has been fueled by being a worker, brother, devoted dad, and loyal son. These gifts motivate him to write about the trials of everyday life for the common man.

Other books by Matt Shea; Chase: A Special Person & The Discovery of Teddy Downing; The Groundskeeper And Other Short Stories; Elmo; The Meadowdale Community Project; The King of Coalman's Hill; The World's Greatest Rock Star; and Lauratown and Other Short Stories
www.sheabooks.com     www.mattsheabooks.com

July 21, 2017 10:11 AM PDT

Badger's Town by John M. Brewer

   Mike ("The Badger") Brockton graduates from high school as valedictorian, engaged, with a full scholarship to college. Then all falls apart. He winds up in Viet Nam. When he returns, everything has changed. An Army buddy inadvertently entangles Mike with a drug trafficking ring. Mike is set up for his buddy's murder but narrowly escapes with some drug money. He becomes a doctor, returning to his home town to practice. Mike meets Susan, they marry and an idyllic life beckons once more. But Susan has a family secret that ensnares Mike in a fight for his life and family.

About the Author

Born in 1938, John Brewer moved frequently while living in Kansas, Oklahoma, California, Alaska, and Alberta (Canada). He studied at Johns Hopkins University; B.A. in Biology in 1960 and Ph.D. in Biochemistry in 1963. He took his postdoctoral experience at University of Illinois from 1963 to 1966.

He married in 1965 and has two children. His career started at the University of Georgia in 1966, from Assistant to Associate to full Professor, at the University of Georgia. He has over 100 professional scientific publications.

He has been reading history books as hobby for many years.

July 13, 2017 12:40 PM PDT

The Streak: Lou Gehrig, Cal Ripken Jr., and Baseball's Most Historic Record by John Eisenberg
The fascinating story of baseball’s legendary “Ironmen,” two players from different eras who each achieved the coveted and sometimes confounding record of most consecutive games played
When Cal Ripken Jr. began his career with the Baltimore Orioles at age twenty-one, he had no idea he would someday beat the historic record of playing 2,130 games in a row, a record set forty-two years before by the fabled “Iron Horse” of the New York Yankees, Lou Gehrig. Ripken went on to surpass that record by 502 games, and the baseball world was floored. Few feats in sports history have generated more acclaim. But the record spawns an array of questions. When did someone first think it was a good idea to play in so many games without taking a day off? Who owned the record before Gehrig? Whose streak—Gehrig’s or Ripken’s—was the more difficult achievement?
Through probing research, meticulous analysis, and colorful parallel storytelling, The Streak delves into this impressive but controversial milestone, unraveling Gehrig’s at-times unwitting pursuit of that goal (Babe Ruth used to think Gehrig crazy for wanting to play every game), and Ripken’s fierce determination to stay in the lineup and continue to contribute whatever he could even as his skills diminished with age.

The question looms: How do these streaks compare? There were so many factors: the length of seasons, the number of teams in the major leagues, the inclusion of nonwhite players, travel, technology, medical advances, and even media are all part of the equation. This is a book that captures the deeply American appreciation—as seen in the sport itself—for a workaday mentality and that desire to be there for the game every time it called.

JOHN EISENBERG was an award-winning sports columnist for the Baltimore Sun for two decades and is the author of Ten-Gallon War,That First Season,My Guy Barbaro (cowritten with jockey Edgar Prado), and The Great Match Race. He has written for Smithsonian,Sports Illustrated, and Details, among other publications, and currently contributes columns to BaltimoreRavens.com. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

July 07, 2017 09:26 AM PDT

Thomas Miller has been a student of Unarius since he was 14 years old.  At that time meeting Ernest L. Norman the founder and teacher of Unarius.  Tom has given many lectures on the Unarius principles over his 56 years of study.  A frequent media guest.  He has been featured in a documentary film.  He also has written several books about Unarius principles including a book of verse, "The Epic", and a series of lectures which was published in the book "The Keys to the Universe". 

   Tom maintains a website  www.unariusunited.com  that features Dr Norman's teaching as well as student testimonials and discussion.  With a degree in science and accounting Tom is the owner of a Tax Accounting firm in Portland, Oregon.

Robert Maxxim author of the LEGACY SERIES.

Born in 1957, the author experienced several sleep-time visits to other worlds as a child, and witnessed countless alien craft. These visions continue to date, in both wake and sleep states. He studied concert piano starting at age three, but changed his calling to science following his visionary experiences.

This book is the culmination of these experiences, shared with the world for the first time. The author spent 40 years studying science, religion, and the Science of Life presented by Dr. Ernest L. Norman, validating his visions starting on July 13, 1973. Author proceeded to confirm his sightings and experiences with other established sources such as George Adamski, and personally met Brothers from other worlds that helped instruct him over the years. This book series is the culmination of such visionary and confirmation efforts, written in novel form.

July 07, 2017 09:15 AM PDT

LEGACY SERIES  by Robert Maxxim

   Worldly and past life visions...Atlantis...Lemuria...Ancient visions...Spiritual sciences.  

   It's the critically acclaimed LEGACY EPISODE series by Robert Maxxim.

   Five episodes called "A must read for every truth seeker".

   The author's real vision of previous lifetimes in Atlantis and Lemuria and other worlds where these lives took place.

   The LEGACY SERIES, thirty years in the making, features advanced scientific and spiritual concepts, backed with evidence.

   For Robert these experiences began as a child with sleep time visits to other worlds.  They continue to this day in both wake and sleep states.

   He's spent forty years studying science, religion and the science of life.  Robert works in the field of information technology.
www.rgaetan.com     www.unarius.com 

July 07, 2017 09:09 AM PDT

Motivate Yourself: Get the Life You Want, Find Purpose and Achieve Fulfilment by Andro Donovan

Do you want to feel more productive, more present and more inspired by your own life?
Motivate Yourself offers practical strategies to improve your productivity and gives you the know how to create the life you want. Learn how to move past your self-doubt and propel yourself into living your dream.
With practical exercises featured within each chapter, this book will help break those emotional barriers that hold you back and set you on the path to becoming fully engaged and more productive.
Kick start your productivity journey today and:
Quieten that negative inner voice that inhibits your personal growth
Wake up to the possibility and opportunity of a different way of living
Learn how to motivate those around you with productivity at the center of everything you do
Challenge yourself to discover who you really are and what you are truly capable of achieving
Andro Donovan is a Leadership development specialist. In 1990 she set up the Hemingways Group a Leadership development and Corporate Transformation consultancy.

She has worked with a number of top management teams and CEOs from blue chip companies assisting them to create the culture they need to support their business growth and people performance strategies.

Andro is known for creating safe environments where deep personal transformation can happen individually and in collaboration.

A fully accredited YPO facilitator Andro has had over 20 years experience in facilitating groups such as YPO Forums, Spousal Forums, Corporate Executive teams. Andro is experienced in working with cross cultural groups creating settings where they feel they can be vulnerable and open about what they want.

At the heart of a truly fulfilling personal and business life, there will always be a set of strong core values. The question is: do you ever get the chance to stop and ask yourself what really matters to you?

She is best known for her life changing retreats which take place in exotic venues all over the world.

June 30, 2017 09:46 AM PDT

Expensive Sentences: Debunking the Common Myths that Derail Decisions and Sabotage Success by Jack Quarles

Conversations have consequences. Discussions lead to decisions that shape the future for individuals, families, companies, and nations.

Too often these decisions are derailed by faulty logic and false constraints. These pitfalls are not simply hidden, but deviously veiled in the guise of wisdom, truth, and common sense.

Expensive Sentencesexposes the clichéd wisdom that leads to lost time, money, and opportunity. Readers will discover how to hear decision-making traps in real time, and learn to guide teams back to fact and logic that will lead to better outcomes.

Through historic examples, business stories, and personal anecdotes drawn from decades of experience, the author illustrates the prevalence and impact of flawed reasoning. Equally important, the book includes a clear path to improvement: sample text to upgrade conversations and exercises to correct assumptions and clarify solutions.

About the Author
JACK QUARLES is the author of Amazon #1 bestsellers “How Smart Companies Save Money” and “Same Side Selling” (co-written with Ian Altman). He speaks to business and leadership groups throughout the US and internationally, and as an expense management professional has saved companies tens of millions of dollars. Jack has co-founded multiple startups and currently serves on two boards of directors. He received degrees from Yale University and Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business. He lives in Toledo, Ohio where he enjoys his church, iced tea, guitar, basketball, and above all spending time with his wife and two daughters.

June 30, 2017 09:39 AM PDT

The Black Diamond and the Witch's Curse by Terrance Alexander

To most people, it appears as if Derek James is a typical college freshman. Yes, he is on a football scholarship at one of the most prestigious universities in the country, but other than that, he appears quite ordinary. But there is an extraordinary secret that Derek is harboring: he is a warlock! When he runs into fellow freshmen Matthias, Omar, and Tre’Vell, he is surprised to learn that they are also warlocks! Shortly after they all meet, however, the freshmen start getting attacked by terrifying monsters. Now, the four fast friends must overcome doubts and disagreements in order to discover the source of the attacks. But it may go deeper than any of them realize.

About the Author
Terrence, born to Shawn and Clarence Potter in 1990, lived in Wilmington, Delaware, until the age of seven, when he moved to New Castle. Throughout his childhood, he was heavily involved in multiple sports before settling on track and field, which he ran for over ten years. He graduated from Howard High School before moving on to the University of Delaware. He graduated with a BA in psychology in 2012.

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