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This Week in America with Ric Bratton
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Category: Spoken Word
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by Ric Bratton
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April 20, 2017 10:11 AM PDT

MACRUDD - King of Oz (A Tragedy) by Kevin O'Donnell

The book is in the form of a satirical play, loosely styled on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The main characters are caricatures of the leading figures in Australian politics in recent years.

There is much back-room organising, back-stabbing, number crunching, plotting the downfall of Prime Ministers - not to mention plenty of crude and fruity language (used in context and reflecting the actual words and phrases of the characters on whom it is based).

None of the characters will escape ridicule or emerge completely unscathed from the author’s sharp pen - or the even sharper tongues of their colleagues and co-plotters.

Kevin O’Donnell is a former Australian lawyer, who has been busy as an author since retiring from 43 years of legal practice. He has recently published his first book ‘Tales from the Oldest Profession – as told by a very common lawyer’.

He is now an observer and commentator, with a keen eye on political trends and developments, and has condensed Australian political events into a rollicking tale, with a cast of colourful characters who might or might not resemble some of Australia’s leading politicians of recent times.

April 20, 2017 10:07 AM PDT

Business Blunders!: 10 Dangerous Business Mistakes and How to Protect Your Business so It Can Thrive! by R. Shawn McBride

How DANGEROUS can business be?

Very! Consider the fact that one out of every two companies go out of business within the first five years of starting and most face some sort of legal action in their lifetime.

Situations such as a change in business partnership interests, fights over intellectual property, business insurance problems, unforeseen law suits, and other challenging issues can easily blindside or cripple a growing company. Too much wealth is lost every day, every week, every month from the little as well as large things missed by businesses.

In Business Blunders!, business consultant, longtime attorney, and CPA R. Shawn McBride identifies the critical mistakes that bring most businesses down and shows you how to plan so you can avoid these pitfalls and protect your business with key business success principles.

Whether you are just starting a business or have been established for some time you will find this book to be an essential business planning guide for protecting your assets and maximizing your wealth.

R. Shawn McBride is founder and managing member of The R. Shawn McBride Law Firm, PLLC, which concentrates on helping small to mid-size businesses protect their assets, thrive in all business situations, and ultimately reach their desired outcomes. R. Shawn is commonly involved in most of the firm’s client matters, whether it is looking at buy/sell arrangements for a client that owns part of a business to protect their long term wealth, helping a company successfully bring in investors, or assisting a company in the sale of their business. He is currently licensed to practice law in twelve states and the District of Columbia and is licensed as a CPA in Maryland and Texas. R. Shawn is also a highly sought after speaker regarding business law.



We are traveling all 50 States to collect lessons on what great things are happening in business.

We'll be seeing what's right in business and bringing the lesson to you here as we work our way through all 50 States (and some other places) interviewing at least one business in each state in each of our 4 categories.
Lots of lessons will emerge.

April 20, 2017 08:57 AM PDT

Provocative, Timely & Darkly Apropos:

Lifetime’s New Series Mary Kills People Follows a Doctor who Helps People End Their Lives On Their Own Terms. Premieres Sunday April 23rd at 10pm ET/PT

Ric Talks with Series Star: Caroline Dhavernas

Canadian born Caroline Dhavernas is best known for her role as Dr. Alanna Bloom on NBC’s Hannibal. Her other starring roles include ABC’s Off The Map, and the films Hollywoodland and Breach. She will next appear in the movie Easy Living.

In the provocative series Mary Kills People, Dhavernas stars as single mother Mary Harris, an ER doctor by day, but by night, she and her partner Des, a former plastic surgeon, moonlight as underground angels of death and help terminally ill patients slip away on their own terms. So far Mary has managed to stay under the radar; but death is hot, business is booming, and her double life is getting complicated. When her world starts to unravel, Mary realizes she’s going to have to fight dirty if she’s going to stay in the killing game.
For more information, visit:

April 20, 2017 08:53 AM PDT

25 Years Later....


Speak with Documentary Filmmaker Tom Jennings on the 25th Anniversary of the Riots that Shook the Nation

Twenty-five years ago, the city of Los Angeles erupted into chaos on April 29, 1992, after four white LAPD officers were acquitted for beating African American motorist Rodney King. Over the next six days, television and radio reports, home video, and police footage captured the turmoil that led to 54 deaths, nearly 12,000 arrests, and over $1 billion in damages. Using these recordings, Smithsonian Channel's The Lost Tapes: LA Riots looks at one of the biggest periods of civil unrest in American history — with no interviews or recreations — just with rarely seen footage captured by video cameras and media reports — as if it were all unfolding in real time, providing a uniquely authentic and immersive experience for the viewer.

On Thursday, April 20, The Lost Tapes: LA Riots producer Tom Jennings can discuss the new documentary, placing the LA Riots in historical context, as well as their role in race relations in 2017. Tom began his career as a reporter with the LA Times (later receiving a Pulitzer Prize nomination), where he first covered the LA riots for the newspaper.

Tom Jennings is a multi-award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist who has written, produced and directed more than 400 hours of programming for such networks as CBS, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Investigation Discovery, MSNBC, PBS, The Travel Channel, History Channel and 3NET.
For more information, visit:

April 19, 2017 08:35 AM PDT

Groundlings alums Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf and Rachel Ramras have partnered with their real-life friends, Emmy® winner Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone, who executive produce Nobodies.

The TV Land comedy airing Wednesdays at 10PM ET/PT revolves around the three as they try desperately to land one of their famous friends for a feature script that they have developed, so that they, too, can rise to fame in Hollywood. Nobodies is chock-full of famous and funny guest stars, including Melissa McCarthy (on 4/19) and Ben Falcone, Cheryl Hines, Bob Odenkirk and Kristen Wiig (4/26.)

Nobodies stars and is executive produced and written by Davidson, Dorf and Ramras. The series mirrors their real lives as the three of them watched their friends from The Groundlings go on to star in blockbuster comedies and even win Oscars®, while they toiled way writing on children’s TV, waiting for their one big break. Nobodies had its world premiere at SXSW this past March, was a featured series in the Deadline Contenders event (for series considered to be Emmy® contenders) and the three have appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Chelsea and in features for USA TODAY and The Los Angeles Times.

Prior to Nobodies, the trio has worked together on the hit animated series Mike Tyson Mysteries on Adult Swim and The Looney Tunes Show for Cartoon Network.
For more information, visit:

April 18, 2017 12:07 PM PDT

Return of the King: LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Greatest Comeback in NBA History by Brian Windhorst and Dave McMenamin

The inside story of LeBron James's return and ultimate triumph in Cleveland.

What really happened when LeBron James stunned the NBA by leaving a potential dynasty in Miami to come home to play with the Cleveland Cavaliers? How did the Cavs use secret meetings to put together the deal to add star Kevin Love? Who really made the controversial decision to fire coach David Blatt when the team was in first place? Where did the greatest comeback in NBA history truly begin-and end?

RETURN OF THE KING takes you onto the private planes, inside the locker-room conversations, and into the middle of the intense huddles where one of the greatest stories in basketball history took place, resulting in the Cavs winning the 2016 NBA title after trailing the Golden State Warriors three games to one.

You'll hear from all the characters involved: the players, the executives, the agents, and the owners as they reveal stories never before told. Get the background on all the controversies, the rivalries, and the bad blood from two reporters who were there for every day, plot twist, and social media snafu as they take you through the fascinating ride that culminated in a heart-stopping Game Seven.

About the Author

Brian Windhorst has covered the NBA for ESPN since 2010. He began covering LeBron James in 1999 and was the daily beat writer on the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Akron Beacon Journal and Cleveland Plain Dealer from 2003 to 2010. He is also the co-author of two books, The Franchise and The Making of an MVP.

Dave McMenamin has covered the NBA since the 2005-2006 season, starting his career with NBA.com, where he was the ghostwriter for Gilbert Arenas's groundbreaking blog. Dave has developed the trust of future Hall of Famers Kobe Bryant and LeBron James in his seven seasons as a beat writer for the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers for ESPN.

April 17, 2017 08:21 AM PDT

TV’s Most Captivating Detective is Back on the Case!

Titus Welliver Returns in Season 3 of Bosch

Titus Welliver is a veteran of film, television, and theater, starring in such shows as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Suits, The Good Wife, Sons of Anarchy and as ‘The Man in Black’ in Lost. Titus stars as the tough but damaged LAPD detective Harry Bosch in Amazon’s Emmy-nominated series Bosch. Based on Michael Connelly’s crime series, now numbering twenty novels, Bosch is Amazon’s longest-running hour-long drama. Welliver recently wrapped shooting season three, and due to the show’s strong fan base, Bosch has already been picked up for season four!

Season three of Bosch is based on Connelly’s novels The Black Echo and A Darkness More than Night. Bosch’s teenage daughter, Maddie, has come to live with him and ushered into his personal life the everyday responsibilities of being a single father. Bosch remains a tenacious cop who struggles to attain justice in an imperfect system; a system in which the guilty sometimes go free, and marginalized and forgotten victims become anonymous statistics. Now, between the murder of a homeless veteran, the slaying of another man tied to several unsolved homicides, and a high-profile murder trial involving a Hollywood director, Bosch has taken on his most formidable cases to date.

Also new this season is the launch of Bosch skill for Alexa-enabled devices. In Bosch skill, featuring the voices of Welliver and other cast members, customers will step into the shoes of an LAPD detective to join an interactive mystery and solve the case of a missing young woman. Bosch airs exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.
For more information, visit: amazon.com/boschtv

April 14, 2017 08:19 AM PDT

"The Man Who Lit Lady Liberty: The Extraordinary Rise and Fall of Actor M.B. Curtis"

As the Statue of Liberty stood unlit and unloved by American politicians in 1886, one of her saviors was creating a theatrical sensation at New York's Fourteenth Street Theatre. Actor M.B. Curtis, who had achieved overnight success in Sam'l of Posen, a groundbreaking play that transcended the common stereotypes of Jewish characters current at the time, was basking in public accolades at every curtain call when he came to Lady Liberty's aid. Curtis's rise to the top of his profession and his resulting fall from grace is a dramatic arc that rivals anything created for the stage. Actor, producer, real estate developer, promoter, hotelier, benefactor, and murder suspect, M. B. Curtis's life encompassed the highs of celebrity and fame as well as the lows of failure, illness, and a faltering career. The Man Who Lit Lady Liberty rescues M. B. Curtis's story from the dusty archives of forgotten history and reexamines an actor whose creativity and cultural influence still resonate today.

Richard Schwartz is a historian and the author of Eccentrics, Heroes, and Cutthroats of Old Berkeley; Earthquake Exodus, 1906; Berkeley 1900; and The Circle of Stones. An outdoor enthusiast and animal lover, he worked on a Pennsylvania Dutch farm before heading west to find higher mountains. He now lives in Berkeley, California, where he works as a building contractor and documents early Native American sites in the Bay Area.

April 14, 2017 08:16 AM PDT

LEGACY SERIES by Robert Maxxim

Worldly and past life visions...Atlantis...Lemuria...Ancient visions...Spiritual sciences.

It's the critically acclaimed LEGACY EPISODE series by Robert Maxxim.

Five episodes called "A must read for every truth seeker".

The author's real vision of previous lifetimes in Atlantis and Lemuria and other worlds where these lives took place.

The LEGACY SERIES, thirty years in the making, features advanced scientific and spiritual concepts, backed with evidence.

For Robert these experiences began as a child with sleep time visits to other worlds. They continue to this day in both wake and sleep states.

He's spent forty years studying science, religion and the science of life. Robert works in the field of information technology.
www.rgaetan.com www.unariusunited.com

April 14, 2017 08:12 AM PDT

STILL STANDING by Jessica M. Ivy

Princess J had a really tough life. She didn't ask to be in this world. So the question is, why did a little girl like her have to go through what she went through at such a young age. Parents disowned her.

Parents and siblings belittled her. Princess J was a depressed, sad, lonely, angry, bitter little girl and teenager. She felt unwanted, unloved, lost, broken, and betrayed. Where did life go wrong with her? Coming from a broken home made her who she is today.

Jessica Ivy came from a broken home. Neither one of her parents were there for her. She survived a really big storm. She rose above it all, and came out on top. It’s by God’s grace she’s still alive today! Jessica has hit the jackpot when it comes to her family.

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