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This Week in America with Ric Bratton
Issues that matter to you.
Category: Spoken Word
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by Ric Bratton
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June 15, 2017 07:28 AM PDT

WILL WILL AND ME by John Hyland

Will Will and Me contains eight fictional stories about the amusing actions of grade-school boys in the 1950s and ‘60s. The first story tells how Will Will, the main character, gets his peculiar name. The next three describe Will Will’s mischief, which gets him and his pal, Johnny, into ridiculous predicaments. Story two, for example, shows Will Will using a butterfly net to snag a farmer’s pet goose. In the sixth story, Will Will convinces a lady who dislikes him that he’s not a “scamp.” He himself is a victim of mischief in the last story, when he and Johnny get “bamboozled” into buying an awful rabbit-raising business.

John Hyland was born in Belvidere, Illinois. The son of hard-working parents, he grew up enjoying energetic outdoor activities. After doing ridiculous things as a teenager, he worked hard to become an outstanding professional. A desire to teach English motivated him to earn a BA from Wartburg College (1964), an MA from the University of Nebraska (1966), and
a PHD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1979).

Before finishing his college work, John served in the U.S. Army from 1966 to 1968.

John spent a number of years teaching at the college level. Remedial and standard composition classes were his specialty along with world literature.

A successful career as a free lance writer and developer of writing workshops and trainer. Publishing a text "Business Letters: A No-Nonsense Guide to Writing and Revising Them".

Now retired, John enjoys producing comic fiction including a 2015 book "Ginger and Alice: A Story of two Mischievous Gerbils".

June 15, 2017 07:24 AM PDT

The Wizor Fair by Robert A.G. Erickson

From the author of the “Fluke Family” fantasy series comes another exciting whimsical tale that’s sure to captivate both young and adult readers.

Author Robert A. G. Erickson opens a parallel world to invite readers to witness the fate of the Medieval Kingdom of Duscany in “The Wizor Fair”.

Meet the twins Lenny and Cassy as they enter Duscany and must overcome a power struggle between two powerful sorcerers and a wicked fairy before they can return home.

Skeldon, an apprentice sorcerer searching for magic wizors to help him compete at the Wizor Fair, transports himself from a parallel world to modern-day Seattle where he enlists twins Lenny and Cassy to help him. But he accidentally transforms Cassy into a fairy called a whelf.

The twins return with him to the Medieval Kingdom of Duscany, but the magic of the whelf fen inescapably draws Cassy into the long night to compete for the whelf queenship against the evil night shadow. Lenny and Skelton must unravel the mysterious relationship of the shadow wolves stalking the sorcerers of the kingdom.

The power struggle between two powerful sorcerers and the whelf battle being waged during the long night will ultimately decide the fate of the kingdom of Duscany and perhaps the world.

The author grew up in western Montana, a third generation descendent of Swedish immigrants. He is a Navy veteran of the Vietnam Conflict and a retired US Coast Guard enlisted man. He is also the author of the Fluke Family fantasy books.

June 08, 2017 12:18 PM PDT

Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, RN, is a nationally recognized and licensed naturopathic doctor, educator, natural products consultant, and television and radio host.

An acclaimed expert in the field of integrative medicine, Dr. Lucille lectures throughout the nation on a variety of natural health topics. Her appearances include national media programs and networks such as Dr. Oz, The Doctors, Lifetime and the Discovery Health Channel.

Dr. Holly is a health blogger for Newsmax online magazine and is on the editorial advisory board of Alternative Medicine, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Advances in Mind -Body Medicine and Natural Practitioner. She is regularly quoted as an expert in both consumer and peer journals, and in 2007, was listed in Time magazine’s “Alt List” as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People.” In 2012 she launched her own talk show, “Myth-Defying with Dr. Holly” on the Z Living network and is now host of “Inherently You” on RadioMD. She is also the author of several books including Creating and Maintaining Balance: A Women’s Guide to Safe, Natural, Hormone Health and The Healing Power of Trauma Comfrey.

She is currently the chair of the Natural Partners INC. educational advisory board and on vice chair of the Institute for Natural Medicine. As the past president of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association she worked to ensure the availability of safe naturopathic health care by spearheading a lobbying effort to have naturopathic doctors licensed in the state of California. She was awarded the “SCNM Legacy Award” for her “contribution to the advancement and development of the field of naturopathic medicine.”

As a graduate from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ, Dr. Holly received the prestigious Daphne Blayden Award for her “comment to naturopathic medicine, academic excellence, compassion, perseverance, a loving sense of humor and a positive, supportive outlook.”

Her private practice in Los Angeles, Healing from Within Healthcare, focuses on comprehensive naturopathic medicine and individualized care.


June 08, 2017 09:04 AM PDT

LEGACY SERIES by Robert Maxxim

Worldly and past life visions...Atlantis...Lemuria...Ancient visions...Spiritual sciences.

It's the critically acclaimed LEGACY EPISODE series by Robert Maxxim.

Five episodes called "A must read for every truth seeker".

The author's real vision of previous lifetimes in Atlantis and Lemuria and other worlds where these lives took place.

The LEGACY SERIES, thirty years in the making, features advanced scientific and spiritual concepts, backed with evidence.

For Robert these experiences began as a child with sleep time visits to other worlds. They continue to this day in both wake and sleep states.

He's spent forty years studying science, religion and the science of life. Robert works in the field of information technology.
www.rgaetan.com www.unarius.com

June 08, 2017 08:56 AM PDT

The Intuitive Traveler: Love and Cruising, Keeping the Spark Alive by Choosing Your Cruise Wisely

Dr. LeslieBeth (LB) Wish is a nationally recognized licensed clinical psychotherapist honored for her pioneering work in love, career, happiness, and success.

The National Association of Social Workers has named her on their list of the Fifty who has Contributed to the Profession. She is the subject of biographical entry in many Marquis’Who’s Who publications.

Her latest self-help, research-based books are Smart Relationships and The Love Adventures of Almost Smart Cookie.

Dr Wish and her colleague Dr Carol Morgan are developing workshops in trusting your love intuition. To receive gifts and learn about workshops and free events please go to Dr Wish's website www.lovevictory.com and sign up on the right.

June 08, 2017 08:51 AM PDT

Business Blunders!: 10 Dangerous Business Mistakes and How to Protect Your Business so It Can Thrive! by R. Shawn McBride

How DANGEROUS can business be?

Very! Consider the fact that one out of every two companies go out of business within the first five years of starting and most face some sort of legal action in their lifetime.

Situations such as a change in business partnership interests, fights over intellectual property, business insurance problems, unforeseen law suits, and other challenging issues can easily blindside or cripple a growing company. Too much wealth is lost every day, every week, every month from the little as well as large things missed by businesses.

In Business Blunders!, business consultant, longtime attorney, and CPA R. Shawn McBride identifies the critical mistakes that bring most businesses down and shows you how to plan so you can avoid these pitfalls and protect your business with key business success principles.

Whether you are just starting a business or have been established for some time you will find this book to be an essential business planning guide for protecting your assets and maximizing your wealth.

R. Shawn McBride is founder and managing member of The R. Shawn McBride Law Firm, PLLC, which concentrates on helping small to mid-size businesses protect their assets, thrive in all business situations, and ultimately reach their desired outcomes. R. Shawn is commonly involved in most of the firm’s client matters, whether it is looking at buy/sell arrangements for a client that owns part of a business to protect their long term wealth, helping a company successfully bring in investors, or assisting a company in the sale of their business. He is currently licensed to practice law in twelve states and the District of Columbia and is licensed as a CPA in Maryland and Texas. R. Shawn is also a highly sought after speaker regarding business law.

June 08, 2017 08:48 AM PDT

Lonely Expiation" by Siegfried Finser

Armand Dillon, the evil master mind of PTP Inc. reaches the pinnacle of his success and is still not satisfied.

Manipulating his friends and enemies alike, he tries for the impossible: social acceptance in an upper class culture using the same tricks that won him success in business. Just when he thinks he is succeeding he’s undone by strange qualities he doesn’t know how to overcome. The innocent love of children, combined with adult strength, character, and balanced idealism, lead to his inevitable downfall. The surprise ending is a puzzle of human nature.

Siegfried Finser, a former Waldorf schoolteacher, has managed a division of Xerox and was Director of Executive Development worldwide for ITT. He has consulted with many large corporations and was president of the Threefold Educational Foundation, treasurer of the Anthroposophical Society in America, and a founder of RSF Social Finance (Rudolf Steiner Foundation) where he continues on the Board of Trustees. He has a BA from Rutgers University and an MA in Educational Psychology from New York University. He frequently lectures on the nature of money and the healing potential in monetary transactions. He has supported and encouraged the development of Waldorf education his entire life knowing that it will change the world in allowing free, value driven people to grow and flourish naturally. He has unshakeable belief in the developing capacity of humans to fill their lives with purpose and direction.

Mr. Finser now lives in Mill Valley, California with his wife of 58 years, Ruth Finser a therapeutic Eurythmist and teacher. His three children and seven grandchildren exceed all his hopes and expectations and are the source of great pleasure

June 08, 2017 08:44 AM PDT

by Mark Freimark

A horrific true story of a police officer who was cornered and forced into a point blank shootout against a crazed gunman. Once the gunfight is over the officer and his partners immediately transition into life-saving mode to try to save the man who just tried to murder them. Tormenting nightmares and flashbacks slowly unravel the officer’s mind. He develops Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and loses his sanity, his job, his home and his family. Follow the long and winding road through the many psychiatric drugs, side effects, and therapy sessions as he tries to hold on to his last shred of sanity.

Mark Freimark has lived most of his life in the Southwest United States. He served in the United States Air Force for over a decade including time in Operation Desert Storm (the first Gulf War) in Saudi Arabia. During his law enforcement career, he was a detention officer, a deputy sheriff and later a city police officer all within the state of Arizona. Mark currently spends his time sharing his experience in an effort to help PTSD patients and increase public awareness about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD.

June 08, 2017 07:48 AM PDT

Get Ready for the Highly Anticipated Second Season
of the Popular Drama…

Queen of the South Season 2 Premieres Thursday June 8th at 10pm ET/PT on USA Network

Ric Catches Up with the Queen Herself, Alice Braga!

Brazilian born actress Alice Braga stars in USA Network’s Queen of the South as Teresa Mendoza. This adaptation of Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s best-selling novel, La Reina Del Sur, follows Teresa’s journey as she learns the tools of the trade and positions herself as the leader of the very drug cartel that had her on the run.

Before her grand television debut, Braga received critical and international recognition for her stirring performance in City of God, which helped catapult the film to multiple Golden Globe® and Oscar® nominations. The multiple-award winning actress’ other credits include Lower City, The Milky Way, By Way of Helena, The Shack, and many others.

Queen of the South tells the powerful story of Teresa Mendoza (Braga), a woman who is forced to run and seek refuge in America after her drug-dealing boyfriend is unexpectedly murdered in Mexico. In the process, she teams with an unlikely figure from her past to bring down the leader of the very drug trafficking ring that has her on the run.

For more information, please visit:

June 02, 2017 08:28 AM PDT

GOVERNMENT 2.0 by Joseph Gorski

Government 2.0 uses some common sense analysis of both technological advances and people’s changing attitudes toward the role of government. The author also looks at the way the banks have controlled the government up to this point. This financial model is shown to be at the breaking point for various reasons. The author gets the reader to see that we are at a tipping point whether we are ready for it or not. Rather than a doom and gloom book this is an optimistic look forward toward a future that will be beyond our wildest imaginations.

JOSEPH GORSKI, author of GOVERNMENT 2.0 has followed a less than typical path over his last 35 years of life in the U.S.A. It started with a deep spiritual journey in 1982 which continues to to this day. It leads to rejecting the established religions and political parties of the world without rejecting their core teaching of love, tolerance and respect to our fellow human. This book took him away from a normal career path, living in a city at times and in the country at times. Joseph came to believe that there is a central power in the universe that some people call God, source energy or by many other names.

Joseph graduated with a Business Administration Degree B.A. degree from Rutgers-Newark College of Arts and Sciences in 1983.

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