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This Week in America with Ric Bratton
Issues that matter to you.
Category: Spoken Word
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by Ric Bratton
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April 13, 2017 08:36 AM PDT

TV News Anchor/Investigative Journalist Tony Harris Reveals the Stories Behind Shocking Crimes in Investigation Discovery's New Series

In "Scene of the Crime with Tony Harris," the Emmy Award-Winning Newsman Explores the Injustices and Crimes of Small-Town America Airs Sundays at 10pm ET/9pm CT on Investigation Discovery

For more than 30 years, Emmy®-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker, and TV news anchor Tony Harris has reported on senseless and vicious acts of violence. Now, in "Scene of the Crime with Tony Harris," Investigation Discovery's new weekly newsmagazine series, Tony ventures deep into small-town America to reveal the deeper stories behind the crimes that shook communities. "Scene of the Crime with Tony Harris" delivers personal accounts from victims, loved ones, and even the culprits themselves as Tony peels back the layers on what motivates some of our nation’s most horrific acts of violence.

Tony Harris talks with Ric about some of the stories covered in the new series, as well as the news of the day and the latest political news stories.

Emmy® Award-winner Tony Harris is a news anchor, television correspondent, and filmmaker, who most recently served as an anchor at Al Jazeera America. Previously, Harris anchored CNN Newsroom with Tony Harris for CNN and was a member of the teams that earned CNN George Foster Peabody Awards for coverage of the British petroleum oil spill and Hurricane Katrina, and an Alfred I. duPont Award for coverage of the Southeast Asia tsunami.

April 13, 2017 08:33 AM PDT

A Reinvention of a Classic TV Series Returns to Amazon Prime Video for a Third Hit Season

Thunderbirds Are Go! Available on Amazon Prime Video Starting April 21st

Ric Speaks with Actor/Voice Talent David Menkin about his Role on the Computer-Animated Remake of Thunderbirds

Thunderbirds Are Go is a reinvention of the classic 1960s TV series, Thunderbirds, and features the world's most famous family of heroes, International Rescue. The series highlights the five brave Tracy brothers and their covert operative Kayo as they pilot their remarkable, cutting-edge Thunderbird vehicles to perform seemingly impossible rescue missions -- from the depths of the ocean to the highest reaches of space. Now back for a third season on Amazon, Thunderbirds Are Go delivers a new level of action-adventure animation for today's audience while paying tribute to the characters and locations from the original series.

As an actor, David Menkin has been featured in films such as the Oscar®-winning Zero Dark Thirty, Florence Foster Jenkins alongside Meryl Streep, and Hologram for the King starring Tom Hanks. Perhaps even better known for his voice work, David has been featured in animated series such as Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder and Floogals, not to mention a score of popular video games. David plays the roles of "Virgil" and "Gordon Tracy" in Thunderbirds Are Go and discusses why this reinvention of a classic series appeals to young audiences today.
To learn more about Thunderbirds Are Go, visit:

April 12, 2017 08:38 AM PDT

Emmy® Winning Journalist, Best-Selling Author and Entrepreneur

Deborah Norville

She’s been anchor of Inside Edition, the country’s top-rated and most honored syndicated newsmagazine, for more than 20 years. Now she is taking viewers deep into the twists and turns of some of Hollywood’s most shocking headline-making stories as host and
executive producer of the new REELZ series…

Exposed with Deborah Norville Wednesdays on Reelz

What happens when the spotlight shines too brightly? What’s the result when the glittery world of Hollywood collides with the dark world of crime? Host Deborah Norville peels back the cover on some of entertainment’s headline-making stories. Whether it’s a star’s fall from grace, a celebrity victimized by misplaced trust, or a crime that launches a career, Exposed with Deborah Norville takes viewers deep into the twists and turns of the saga including who did it and how. In addition to fast-paced interviews with those intimately connected to the story viewers will also see recreations, surveillance footage and police interrogations to tell stunning stories from the world of entertainment.

In 2016, Norville was inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame. The veteran journalist joined Inside Edition in 1995 from CBS News where she was anchor and correspondent. Norville is the former co-host of NBC’s Today and anchor of NBC News at Sunrise. Norville is also a best-selling author and lecturer. Her book, Thank You Power: Making the SCIENCE of Gratitude Work for YOU detailing the connection between gratitude and enhanced cognitive function and energy, was a New York Times best-seller. She is also co-author and contributor to the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and the author of several other self-help books as well as two best-selling children’s books and a number of books featuring knit and crochet patterns. A lifelong crafter and seamstress, Norville has partnered with Premier® Yarns as the creative force behind the Deborah Norville Yarn Collection™, a line of high-quality yarn for knit and crochet enthusiasts found online and in top chains.

April 12, 2017 08:34 AM PDT

Will an Innocent Man Be Put to Death?

Richard Glossip's Defense Attorney Don Knight and Award Winning Filmmaker Joe Berlinger Reveal Never-Before-Seen Evidence To Save His Life in ID’s
“Killing Richard Glossip”… Monday April 17th and Tuesday April 18th at 9pm ET/PT.

Taking an in-depth look at the cracks in the criminal justice system, and whether or not an innocent man is about to be executed, this docu-series is shot in real time and every minute counts. Cameras follow Richard Glossip during what may be the final days of his life, capturing a haunting and bazaar story. With no prior felony convictions, Glossip has been on death row for the murder of Barry Van Treese for almost twenty years without any evidence pointing to his guilt -- except the confessed killer, Justin Sneed, who received only life in prison, stating Glossip told him to do it. Consistently maintaining his innocence, Glossip has been given a stay of execution on THREE separate occasions – the last due to a botched execution that forced Oklahoma to call for a commission to look into the protocols of the lethal injection drugs used. While Glossip has exhausted appeals and clemency has been denied, this documentary and the new evidence revealed may be the last shot at saving his life…and maybe even granting him freedom.

With support growing worldwide for Glossip, the docu-series also features interviews with high-profile supporters, including Academy Award®-winning actress Susan Sarandon, billionaire entrepreneur and social activist Richard Branson, and anti-death penalty activist and author Sister Helen Prejean (Dead Man Walking) who, at the eleventh hour, heroically pursued attorneys Don Knight and Mark Olive, convincing them to devote their time to the Glossip case pro-bono.

From Making A Murderer to Serial to Paradise Lost -- the arts, media and celebrity are increasingly shining the spotlight on these stories, forcing the judicial system to review protocols. But time is running out for so many like Glossip. The recently announced news of Arkansas’s mad dash to execute eight inmates over a 10-day period in April, the same time “Killing Richard Glossip” premieres, is a sobering reminder.

With a private practice in Littleton, Colorado, Don Knight is focused on criminal defense matters with a career involved in the representation of a diverse group of clients, from state homicide cases to a wide range of federal cases. Since 2001, his practice has had an emphasis on federal death penalty trials.

Academy Award®-nominated and Emmy® and Peabody-winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger has been a leading voice in nonfiction film and television for two decades, with a particular emphasis on the criminal justice system. Berlinger’s films include the landmark documentaries Brother’s Keeper (PBS), a Sundance audience award winner; the Paradise Lost Trilogy (HBO), which helped lead to the release of the wrongfully-convicted West Memphis Three after 18 years of incarceration; and most recently, Whitey: United States of America vs. James J. Bulger, a searing investigation into law enforcement corruption at the highest levels (CNN).

April 11, 2017 12:37 PM PDT

Hot Hands, Draft Hype, and DiMaggio's Streak: Debunking America's Favorite Sports Myths by Sheldon Hirsch

In sports there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. Joe DiMaggio’s fifty-six-game hitting streak was magical. The three-point shot is an essential part of NBA basketball. Babe Ruth shouldn’t have attempted to steal second base in the ninth inning of the 1926 World Series. Scientist and researcher Sheldon Hirsch has taken a decidedly unorthodox approach to sports history. He looks at myths, legends, conventional wisdom, shibboleths, and firm convictions of all kinds that sports lovers hold to be true, and demonstrates how analysis of facts and figures disproves what tradition—and sportswriters—would have us believe. Divided into three parts, on baseball, basketball, and football, Hot Hands, Draft Hype, and DiMaggio’s Streak contains enough clear-sightedness and shocking conclusions to delight any sports lover.

Sheldon Hirsch grew up in New York City and wrestled at Amherst College. He is a board-certified pediatric kidney specialist and a self-professed sports geek. He is the co-author of "The Beauty of Short Hops". He lives in Chicago but still roots for the Yankees.

April 10, 2017 07:21 AM PDT

Ric Catches Up with TV Host and Entertainment Journalist


She is Ready to Share Some of Her Memorable Experiences Interviewing Celebrity News Makers and Hollywood Stars in the Upcoming Series for REELZ…

Nancy O’Dell Remembers Mondays at 9pm ET/PT only on Reelz

O'Dell presents her intimate first-hand accounts of monumental celebrity stories including the passing of Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. With more than 20 years of reporting on celebrities and Hollywood, O’Dell will share her personal stories, photos and archive footage as well as her own interviews on her new REELZ show. Nancy also serves as one of the executive producers.

Nancy O’Dell has co-anchored Entertainment Tonight since 2011. Before that she served as co-anchor of Access Hollywood and is a well known face as a host of several television events.
For more information, visit:

April 06, 2017 08:34 AM PDT

The Sorceress: Book One: The Prophecy by John Sinisi

Ruthless Lord Soren will stop at nothing to reunite the feudal states of Menkara into a mighty kingdom, with himself as king. His most powerful weapon is the Bezrielite necromancer, William, who rejects his people’s sacred mystical traditions, and uses his sorcery to attain dominion over men and nature.

Opposing Soren and William is the liberation army, Free Bezriel, and its powerful young sorceress, Ariadne. As a child she was taught and joyfully embraced using her powers only for peace and healing. But when the future of her people is threatened, she finds a cause she is willing to fight and die for. She decides to put aside her pacifist principles and play a role in her people’s struggle for freedom. But her belief that all life is sacred plays havoc with her commitment to end oppression of her people.

Needless slaughter by Soren’s troops of many of her friends in the rebel army provoke Ariadne to use sorcery to exact a horrifying revenge. A remorseful Ariadne then ponders whether killing, even for a good cause, can ever be justified, and considers quitting Free Bezriel. Meanwhile Soren and William intensify their efforts to destroy the guerrillas.

John Sinisi is a lifelong believer in the power of fantasy as a way to explore the challenges of being human and humane in a difficult world. Born and raised in Altoona, Pennsylvania, he is a graduate of Notre Dame and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he was inspired by a number of great teachers and great books, from Don Quixote to The Lord of the Rings. He now lives in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, where he is surrounded and nurtured by a wonderful group of friends. In addition to the fantasy The Sorceress, he has written a mystery novel, Too Many Motives for Murder.

April 06, 2017 08:28 AM PDT

How to Raise Respectful Parents

Laura Lyles Reagan

At long last—a practical, “how to” guide for teens to help them navigate the confusing transition from dependence on their parents to becoming responsible for themselves!! Author and Sociologist Laura Reagan provides teens with a detailed road map on how to build positive relationships (and influence) with their parents while, at the same time, honoring their own need for greater autonomy. The companion chapters on “How to Listen So Your Parents Stop Talking “and “How to Talk So Your Parents Will Listen” are exceptional at building communication and negotiation skills.

Laura Lyles Reagan, known as the Teen & Parent Relationship Whisperer, is a family sociologist with more than 30 years of experience in practical youth development and parenting coaching. She holds a Masters in Sociology specializing in interactionism and communication dynamics. She is a former instructor in the Sociology of Childhood and Adolescence at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Her original research, “Dynamic Duos” about adult mentor and parent impact on youth and teens was featured in the Journal of Applied Social Science, 2013. Her teen and parent coaching service has trained parent educators at the Pharr San Juan Alamo Independent School District in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas which was funded by a grant awarded by the Raul C. Tijerina Foundation.

Laura’s youth development career spans service in Mexico City as a youth substance abuse counselor to nonprofit management in the Boys & Girls Club Movement. She conducts workshops on hot topics such as teenparent communication, substance abuse, bullying prevention and teen suicide prevention in English and Spanish. She is a frequent radio guest and can be interviewed in English or Spanish. She has published over 100 articles in regional parenting magazines throughout the United States and Canada. Most importantly Laura is the mother of one teen daughter and one young adult daughter. She lives to recount their adventures.

This is her first published book. Laura’s website: www.lauralreagan.com

April 06, 2017 08:21 AM PDT

The Imaginarium Machine by John Adrian Tomlin

It's 2030 and video games have hit that barrier where graphics and innovation is at its peak. At E3, Sony reveals their next gen gaming console, the Imaginarium Machine. Instead of playing on a TV, you play in your mind.

In doing this, you break all boundaries in regards to your senses. You can now feel the wind, smell the flowers, taste the bread ... the possibilities are endless.
With a Magnificent piece of hardware given to the world, what could possibly go wrong?

Also author of "The Imaginarium World".

About the author
I was born with merosin deficient muscular dystrophy which makes me wheelchair bound and weak for life. I was first introduced to video games when I was five and I was immediately hooked. I love its ability to be fun, to tell a story, and to be able to express ideas that no other art form can. I decided to devote my college years to learning about video games, so I got my B.S. in Game Art and Design. After I graduated, I still couldn’t get my dream job, so I decided to write books.

April 05, 2017 09:36 AM PDT

Calum Worthy

The Quirky Young Actor and Former Disney Kid is Grown Up And Getting a Crash Course Of What NOT to Do When Dating in...

Cassandra French’s Finishing School on AT&T's Audience Network

Viewers will recognize Calum Worthy from his more than 50 different film and television productions, including his best-known role as ‘Dez,’ Austin's loyal and funny best friend, in the Award Winning Disney Channel comedy series Austin & Ally. He was a series regular on HBO’s Out of Order and most recently completed work on Aquarius, Bizardvaark, Pulse and the new Netflix series American Vandal. Calum created, wrote and produced the Coppertop Flop Show on Disney and is currently developing a new show yet to be announced.

Cassandra French’s Finishing School takes a dark and funny look at the universal struggle that singles face in the modern dating world. Based on the novel by Eric Garcia, it follows Cassie, a 23-year-old overachieving publicist who can’t find a guy ready for a mature relationship. After a disastrous one night stand, Cassie takes matters into her own hands when she knocks the unsuspecting guy, Owen, (Calum Worthy) unconscious and decides that the only way to turn things around is to set up a finishing school in her basement to try and teach him how to become a better man. The series is also about the strength of female friendships and the sometimes extreme lengths that we're willing to go to for each other.

Cassandra French’s Finishing School is a co-production of Fullscreen and Lifeboat Productions.

The finale will air Friday, April 7 at 10:30PM (ET/PT) on AT&T’s AUDIENCE Network. Binge-watch all episodes on Fullscreen’s subscription on demand service beginning Monday, April 10th!
For more information, visit:
https://www.directv.com/networks/audience &

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