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This Week in America with Ric Bratton
Issues that matter to you.
Category: Spoken Word
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by Ric Bratton
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April 18, 2019 11:24 AM PDT

Raising Children to be Vibrantly Healthy
12 Simple Tips that WORK

with Susan Smith Jones, MS, PhD

Raising healthy children can be a very daunting and challenging task in this day and age with so many activities, poor food choices, sitting too long in front of the computer or smart phone, peer pressure from friends and much more. Our guest today, Dr. Susan Smith Jones, has worked with parents and children for decades and will offer her very best tips on how to raise healthy children – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
SusanSmithJones.com • BooksToUplift.com

April 18, 2019 08:54 AM PDT


Born in 1957, the author experienced several sleep-time visits to other worlds as a child, and witnessed countless alien craft. These visions continue to date, in both wake and sleep states. He studied concert piano starting at age three, but changed his calling to science following his visionary experiences. This book is the culmination of these experiences, shared with the world for the first time. The author spent 40 years studying science, religion, and the Science of Life presented by Dr. Ernest L. Norman, validating his visions starting on July 13, 1973. Author proceeded to confirm his sightings and experiences with other established sources such as George Adamski, and personally met Brothers from other worlds that helped instruct him over the years. This book series is the result of such visionary and confirmation efforts, written in novel form.

April 18, 2019 08:51 AM PDT

by Kristy Kaye

Children raised with awareness and energy enlightenment are amazing individuals. They have a superior comprehension of life, business, and energy even at a young age, and they quickly learn how to create innovative, successful outcomes. They mature early, and their grasp of life and what it offers them is breathtaking. The key to opening the door to illumination in childrearing is to understand your own childhood.

In Raising Children Soul to Soul, Kristy Kaye offers an open-ended invitation to rediscover childhood memories and explore its wisdom. It interprets your first seven years as a vital chapter in this your lifetime. It also explains the spiritual context of how your first cycle from birth to seven years forms the basis for all future programming, including parenting.

Kristy Kaye is an author, spiritual life coach, counselor, writer, and instructor of spiritual courses for beginning to advanced states of consciousness. She has been on this journey for more than thirty years and has been guided to author numerous interactive healing profiles creating paradigm shifts in people’s lives. She has extensive experience in training, writing and presenting courses as a spiritual medium.

April 18, 2019 08:47 AM PDT

Defining Moments of a Free Man from a Black Stream
By: Dr. Frank L. Douglas

From growing up in poverty to developing drugs that fight diabetes, seizures, and cancer, Dr. Frank L. Douglas has lived a life based on values, hard work, and self-control. Defining Moments of a Free Man from a Black Stream is a reflection on the events and people that made him into the man he is.

In 1963, the year of the murder of Medgar Evers, Civil Rights marches, and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, twenty-year-old Douglas arrived in the United States. A Fulbright scholar from British Guiana, Douglas studied engineering at Lehigh University, received his Ph.D. and M.D. from Cornell University, and did his Residency in Internal Medicine at Johns Hopkins. A curious and motivated young man from a colonial country struggling for independence, Douglas was shocked by the racism he received from white Americans and the cultural prejudice he received from black Americans. Struggling with his faith and identity, Douglas decided to control his own future through grit, hard work, and the road less travelled.

Intimate and honest, incisive and searching, Defining Moments of a Free Man from a Black Stream is a memoir of self-determination and blazing your own path in a narrow-minded world.

About the Author

Dr. Frank L. Douglas grew up in British Guiana with his mother and four siblings. His love of education earned him a Fulbright Scholarship and he came to America during the turbulent years of the 1960s. He worked at Ciba Geigy and Aventis, and was involved in pharmaceutical research for drugs that treat tuberculosis, arthritis, diabetes, seizures, cancer, and pulmonary embolism, among others.

Douglas has received the Global Pharmaceutical Research and Development Director of the Year Award in 2001 and 2004; the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers in 2002; the Black History Maker Award in 2007; the Geoffrey Beene Foundation and GQ Magazine Rock Star of Science in 2010; and the Caribbean Heritage Award for Entrepreneurship in 2011

Douglas wrote Defining Moments of a Free Man from a Black Stream in honor of all who helped him on his journey.

April 18, 2019 08:43 AM PDT


Where Have You Gone, Billy Mayfair? is a story of adventure and self-discovery set in the time of the Civil War and vigilante violence. Sixteenyear-old Billy Mayfair, kicked out of his home in Illinois by his father, sets out to find a fortune in gold in a remote mining camp in what would become the Montana Territory. While in St. Louis, he loses his money and virginity, gets in a fight and lands in jail. But he manages to save enough working in a Union hospital caring for Civil War casualties to book passage on a steamer headed 2,000 miles north to Fort Benton. Panning for gold and living in the wild hard-drinking town of Bannack, he becomes a friend of the sheriff , who will become known in the official record as the most notorious outlaw in Montana history. There, Billy witnesses the deadliest outbreak of vigilante violence in U.S. history: twenty-one men are hanged in less thana month's time. What makes this story unique is that it gives voice to the victims as well as the victors of this actual event.

About the author
Born in Omaha, NE, grew up in northwest Montana in small town called Polson. Finished college at Georgetown University, Washington DC. Director of Public Affairs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York City. Professor of Writing at City College of New York. Editor of a health magazine called "Healthlink". Free lance writer. Wrote a play based on Albert Camus novel that was presented in Santa Fe, NM. Worked as a Capitol cop in Washington DC as well as other odd jobs.

April 18, 2019 08:39 AM PDT

Advancing in Enlightenment: The Crash Course contains forty-four years of metaphysical study of the most profound channeled teachings from five of America's teachers with the highest integrity. With seven simple chapters, this book combines the wisdom of the ages to master the physical reality that surrounds you to personally improve your life. Spiritual knowledge allows one to manifest the life of one's dreams in balance with inner peace while projecting that peaceful state out to the rest of world.

Gail Marie Williams was born in Chicago, Illinois on Dec. 16, 1955. She lived in Northlake from age 8 until her first marriage at age 18. She began her spiritual journey in 1970 at the age of 14 when her oldest sister Madeline gave her a copy of the book by Jane Roberts, titled The Seth Material, A Seth Book. She continued her study of channeled messages from many sources over four decades until finally collecting them all in her book Advancing in Enlightenment: The Crash Course. She then went on to receive both the basic and advanced certifications in The Universal Law of Attraction from the Global Sciences Foundation. She has been featured in Publisher’s Weekly. She will be part of the 2019 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and her book will be displayed at the fair on April 13-14, 2019. This is her third radio interview.

April 18, 2019 08:35 AM PDT

GO ASK THE DEAD by Frank Tropea

This new book is about a love-affair gone dangerously wrong between a very psychic girl, Amanda Mannings, and a Gettysburg Civil War ghost named William who was a young, rather handsome Confederate officer when he, like many thousands of others with him were, killed in that infamous battle.

She becomes obsessed totally with him and his paranormal love-making skills. However, finally when they disagree on something very important, he turns violent and abuses her both sexually and allows his ghostly fellow soldiers liberties with her, too.

And she's pregnant at this time, supposedly by Craig, a normal young man who was briefly Amanda's husband.

Can Amanda finally defeat the evil dead who surround her and want to kill Craig and possibly herself, too?

This is about finding the strength within oneself to defeat evil once and for all.

Frank Tropea graduated from Harvard in 1984 with a major in Literature and minor in Psychology. He became a member of Mensa and Intertel. He writes both novels an poetry.

April 18, 2019 08:31 AM PDT

GALACTIC MINDS by Clem Masloff

Dr. Mead Quort joins the Hygea, a mental treatment vessel circulating about the Milky Way Galaxy. He works as an archetypal psychoanalyst and opposes medical pharmaceuticals in psychiatry. The ambitious, power hungry Dr. Bax Muh incites a patient rebellion that is defeated. But a new Marfan psychoanalyst introduces hypnotic epiphany treatment. Dr. Muh attempts to use this successful method to take over the space mental clinic. He is opposed by Mead Quort and traditional Jungian psychoanalysts for control of the ship.

The author has been involved with science fiction and speculative literature since teaching himself to read in 1941-42. He served in the Army as a linguist and translator in four Balkan Slavic languages. For several decades he taught sociology in Ohio after graduate research in Russian social history. In his years of retirement he has been writing Science Fiction, a return to dreams of the early 1940s”

April 18, 2019 08:28 AM PDT


Triumph” is the follow up book to “What’s Your Monster’s Name?” in which Ingrid interviewed people telling her how they applied a certain life skill to overcome difficult situations.

The author's commitment to overcome her doubts and fears; quiet the voices in her head; and make one of her dreams come true to participate in the Summer Senior Olympics after 49 years of not running at all, takes the reader through some 4 years of her training, her search for answers and her desire to leave the past behind. Finishing 7th with a torn hamstring at The National Games in 2011 ended her career as a Sprinter.

The book gives the reader a glimpse of what the author, who has been physically, emotionally and psychologically abused as a child, was daily going through to get past the still powerfully looming influence of her father. The physical pain due to a few injuries made her connect to the pain she endured as a child; going deeper and finally receiving psychological help she continued her intense work on taming the monster called FEAR.

Ingrid Kern grew up in Vienna, Austria, being physically, mentally and emotionally abused by her alcoholic father. After his death she dropped out of school at age eighteen. She worked as a model throughout Europe and played on the stage in Vienna for one season. Ingrid then moved to New York and got married. After her divorce she moved to Los Angeles, where her actual healing journey began.

She has published two books of poetry: “Volume One” and “Words From An Unchained Heart.” She received several awards for some of her poems including the Poet of Merit Award from the International Society of Poets for her poem “9/11.” Several of her poems have been featured in the Brentwood News.

Connecting with other people who went through challenging times produced "What's Your Monster's Name?" and the follow up book "Taming the Monster" was puplished earlier this year. In between the Monster books "100 Whispered Words" shows the sunnier side of the author. Ingrid continues to follow her passion to dig deep into the human psyche and put that experience on paper.

Ingrid lives in Los Angeles and shares her time working in Real Estate, managing a building, writing and traveling. She loves animals and takes care of them when in need.

April 18, 2019 06:50 AM PDT

Buckle Your Seatbelts…

The New Original Docuseries SPEED Explores
History’s Greatest Transportation Breakthroughs
and the Mind-Blowing Machines of the Future

Ric Speaks with SPEED Host Sean Riley About the Newest Modes
of Transportation that Will Take Us Farther, Higher and Faster. Available for streaming on April 18th on Curiosity Stream.com

Buckle up for a thrilling adventure chronicling humanity’s innate need for speed and a joyride through the science and history of travel and innovation. Airing on CuriosityStream -- the award-winning streaming and on-demand destination from Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks -- SPEED is the incredible story of our civilization’s ceaseless desire to move – and the machines that take us farther, higher, and above all, faster. In this action-packed 4-part original docu-series, host and engineering expert Sean Riley takes us across continents, into the skies, over the ocean and into space to showcase humanity’s innate need for speed -- for pleasure, for work, to explore, and to survive. SPEED transports us to some of history’s greatest transportation breakthroughs, pilots the modern machines of today, and forecasts the mind-blowing game changers that await us in the decades to come.

SPEED host Sean Riley creates documentary television as a platform to teach and explain science and technology, and to empower viewers with a better understanding of the world around us. He hosted one of National Geographic Television’s most successful series “Worlds Toughest Fixes”, where he travelled around the world going inside some of the most daunting and dangerous repair jobs imaginable. While filming SPEED, Sean covered over 66,500 miles, enough to circle the circumference of the Earth more than 2½ times; traveled five countries in five months: the United States, Japan, Norway, the UK, and Germany; and traveled up to 375 miles per hour (on Japan’s magnetic levitation train).
To learn more about SPEED, visit:

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