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This Week in America with Ric Bratton
Issues that matter to you.
Category: Spoken Word
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by Ric Bratton
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January 20, 2020 12:08 PM PST

Explore the Vibrant and Varied Food & Culture
of America’s Immigrant Communities in:

No Passport Required

Whet Your Appetite and Travel Across the U.S.
with Chef Marcus Samuelsson as He Celebrates the
Diverse Culture and Cuisine of America. He joins Ric on This Week in America

No Passport Required returns to PBS with renowned chef and executive producer Marcus Samuelsson visiting new cities to explore the rich diversity of immigrant traditions and cuisines woven into American food and culture.

Season 2 premieres with new episodes on Mondays, January 20-February 17, 2020. The series first travels to the foothills north of Los Angeles where the largest Armenian community outside of the homeland resides and Marcus meets Armenians from Russia, Lebanon, Syria, Ethiopia and Egypt. He travels to Houston, America’s most diverse city, and home to one of the highest numbers of West African expatriates of any U.S. city. In Philadelphia, Marcus feels like he is walking back in time as he is embraced by Italian Americans whose families have thrived for generations. Other episodes focus on the Chinese American community in Las Vegas, which has grown tremendously over the last 20 years, and Boston, where Marcus explores Portuguese-speaking cultures and cuisines from three different locales.

In each city, Marcus will visit local restaurants, markets and family homes, learning about each community’s cuisine and heritage. No Passport Required, produced for PBS by Eater and Vox Media Studios, is part of special programming focused on America’s history, food and culture premiering January-March 2020 on PBS.

An immigrant himself — born in Ethiopia, raised in Sweden, now a celebrated chef, restaurateur, author and resident of Harlem — Marcus Samuelsson is passionate about sharing and celebrating the food of America’s vibrant communities. Each episode shows how important food can be in bringing Americans — old and new — together around the table. “I’m so happy to present this second season of No Passport Required,” says. Samuelsson. “We have only begun to scratch the surface of the amazing range of immigrant cultures and cuisines found in the U.S. It’s exciting to go on this journey once again and bring attention to these diverse communities that contribute so much to our nation.”
For more information, visit:

January 16, 2020 05:51 PM PST

SADIE: (A FAIRY'S TALE) by C. M. Williams with Illustrations by Alece Moreno

Sadie is an adventurous eight-year old who spends the summers with her grandparents. But when her adventurous nature leads her into the realm of fairies and magic, she finds herself running for her life from the dark king himself. Daghan, the fairy queen's mightiest warrior, has been assigned the task of getting Sadie and her grandmother back to the human world safely. With the dark king hot on the trail, Daghan finds himself needing help from three surprising allies: elves. Join the troop as they fight their way to the top of Mystic Mountain, battling undead creatures and the different fae that inhabits their realm.

Mrs. Williams lives with her husband in northern Colorado. She has always wanted to write a book but was never able to put her stories in writing. She has believed all her life that through adversity, one often finds clarity, and during a painful and disappointing time in her life she began writing short stories for her grandchildren. The journal she was keeping for them became a story, and the story became this book. She hopes you will enjoy it as much as her grandchildren do. Dare to dream.

January 16, 2020 05:43 PM PST


Sammie the Shark and the Return of the Lost Gift is a story about a shark named Sammie. Sammie and his friends live in the colorful Coral Bay. He finds a treasure, which he is not sure at first what this reflective object could be. It all turns out to be a very special gift for a special someone he loves very much.

Author Bio
My name is Janet H. Councilman and I am from Burlington, N.C.. I graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design. My love of art and the beach is why i wrote "Sammie The Shark and the Return of the Lost Gift". I was influenced by the guidance counselor at the elementary school where I worked. The autistic students love me reading to them in the first grade. I have been drawing portraits of people, children and pets since 2000. I also design and make cards.

January 16, 2020 05:39 PM PST


Have you been bewildered by all the diverse options proposed as “the way” to Christlikeness? If so, you are not alone. Feasting with the Trinity sketches the way forward, based on two biblical observations. Kendell Easley presents feasting with the Trinity as a grand metaphor for living and enjoying the Christian life. Formation in godliness can well be understood as responding to God’s invitation to feast with Father, Son, and Spirit. We also dine with others belonging to the people of God. As we partake of what God sets on his table, feasting with him and with others, we are formed over a lifetime into Christlike persons.

Kendell Easley served on the faculty of three institutions of Christian higher education, teaching mainly in the area of New Testament studies and New Testament Greek. He was people focused and mentored many students and pastors over a good cup of coffee. This book represents the culmination of his thinking and experience of a formative approach in growing in godliness. Kendell finished this project in the last days of his struggle with leukemia. Nancy, his wife, observed the authenticity of his godly heart and walk during this season. She welcomes your comments on how this work encourages your lifelong walk with God.

January 16, 2020 05:35 PM PST

CODE NAME: WILLIAM TELL by Colonel Don Wilson

Code Name: William Tell is an adventure story that starts with an idea by the president of the United States, from which a hero emerges. A story of good’s triumph over evil, as told by a famous historian who himself is a retired army lieutenant colonel. The story traces the life of our hero from boyhood to manhood and then to a leader of men fighting a secret cold war. Our villain is known to the free world’s intelligence community only by the code name KRAIT, a deadly viper. One day, near the end of an unsuccessful term, a president in the solitude of the Oval Office found time to think of some way to make amends for his failures. He gave his imagination free rein. Soon an idea began to grow into a solution to a serious problem: a solution which would become the closest-held secret since the atomic bomb. From this secret would come a remarkable man, code name William Tell.

About the Author
Lieutenant Colonel Don Wilson, US Army (retired) having reached the age of eighty-three, has written from experience, lending realism to his story. He freely admits the book is mostly fiction. Colonel Wilson is also the author of The Antibiotic an Ailing America Needs.

January 16, 2020 05:31 PM PST


Some may believe it is not possible for a school principal to live a glamorous and exciting life, but Daryl L. Unnasch proves them wrong.

Far from being boring, straight laced, and narrow in his thinking, hes gone from growing up on a farm in Minnesota to earning a Ph.D., marrying a beautiful woman, having a family, getting his pilots license, and traveling to dozens of countries.

But before doing all that, he had to trudge through deep snow for five months of the year to get to school, which didnt stop him from continuing past eighth grade, when most kids quit.

In looking back at life in America over the past seventy-five years, he pays particular attention to its education system, sharing how important a teacher is in the life of a student. Being impartial, congenial, and willing to help make a lasting impression on students who are at a pivotal stage in their livesand its more important today than ever before.

Join the author as he examines the virtues of growing up in a rural community and celebrates the discoveries hes made in expanding his horizons in Principally Driven.

Daryl L. Unnasch earned a Ph.D. in educational leadership from Northwestern University. He has been a public and private school administrator and college instructor. He is also a visionary, philosopher, historian, adviser, political activist, pilot, and traveler. He has traveled to dozens of foreign countries. Unnasch currently lives in Aventura, Florida.

January 16, 2020 05:25 PM PST

DUCKY: LIFE LETTERS by Michael W Dymond

Phyllis and Donald started exchanging letters as early as 1938. They had been dating for about a year. Hundreds were written and exchanged, laden with laughter and love, promise and fear, and eternal hope through to Donald’s untimely, and heartbreaking, death on April 30, 1945, just a mere week before VE Day in Europe.

These letters comprise the essence of this story through which I have struggled to make the conversation real, meaningful and enduring. My palpable challenge came, as the writer, when I realized very early that most of Phyllis’ (Mom’s letters) had been destroyed.

Michael W Dymond was born, raised, educated, and retired in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. He has written drawing on his own life experiences growing up in Chatham and where work took him in the ensuing years. In 2007, following his wife’s profession, he moved to Tucson, AZ, where he still resides, continuing to write.

January 14, 2020 06:26 PM PST

About Legacy

​Legacy highlights advanced scientific and spiritual concepts written in lyrical, romantic prose. Most of all, Legacy is a powerful love story deeply rooted in this man's unquenchable, desperate search through the vastness of space and time for his one; his soul mate.

Read and experience incomparable truth. Learn how beings live on other worlds, and what they believe in. Most of all ... see the evidence.

About the Author
Born in 1957, the author experienced several sleep-time visits to other worlds as a child, and witnessed countless alien craft. These visions continue to date, in both wake and sleep states. He studied concert piano starting at age three, but changed his calling to science following his visionary experiences. This book is the culmination of these experiences, shared with the world for the first time. The author spent 40 years studying science, religion, and the Science of Life presented by Dr. Ernest L. Norman, validating his visions starting on July 13, 1973. Author proceeded to confirm his sightings and experiences with other established sources such as George Adamski, and personally met Brothers from other worlds that helped instruct him over the years. This book series is the result of such visionary and confirmation efforts, written in novel form.


January 14, 2020 06:21 PM PST


The Best Money Can Buy is a story where the Bible is challenged by wealth and fame. Author Matt Shea is at it again! This is his latest inspiring story about faith and the challenges this world presents. All encompassed around a local racing legend by the name of Rusty Hampton and a teen looking for direction. What starts out as a bumpy road full of checkered flags and trophies becomes one of prayer and intervention. A story that rejuvenates faith with a little spice thrown in! Matt feels this is his very best so far!

Matt Shea writes stories that are designed for both young and old. He profiles the average person in society that's a little different or misunderstood. Matt also writes about the plight of those who are mentally disabled and senior citizens. He exposes their personal battles in life; with values being challenged- but never compromised.

When it's all said and done such individuals are recognized for being a contribution to society. They also achieve their just reward: appreciation followed by acceptance.

His characters are nothing more then average people that represent all walks of life. People like you and me. Matt loves feedback from those that take the time to read his stories. He offers his email address and promises to do his very best to answer all who write him. Matt Shea knows that through others he can improve as a writer and a person.

Feel free to write any comments to Matt Shea: worknmatt7@aol.com

January 14, 2020 06:17 PM PST

Eileen Grimes has been an active practicing astrologer for 30 years; she has had many seek her astrological advice and counsel. She stays very active with her clients and also does a lot of media work - from freelance writing to public speaking.

She also has a radio show, The Jupiter Rising Show on 1150KKNW, at 11:00am-12:00pm Saturday mornings. The show is about astrology, plus much, much more!

Her work with her clients is both psychological and evolutionary: She helps her clients figure out the "whys" in their lives - mainly the naming and claiming of their existence and purpose, with a down to earth loving approach. She is hands on, and practical - she helps her clients understand the reality of their lives, providing clear and incisive insight. Her goal with every client is what her motto is - to inspire, uplift and empower. When we can find the answers within ourselves, we have full use of all our abilities and gifts.

Eileen is also a teacher - she has developed a full set of astrological courses, as well as developed a full mentorship program, for those interested in becoming professional astrologers.

In 2004 , she released her first book, Titanic Astrology:" The Grand Design of a Famous Shipwreck, considered a revolutionary work of astrological research.

Eileen has also served on the board of the Washington State Astrological Association. She has a BA in Music Education from Central Washington University, and has done her share of musical performing in and around the Seattle area. Eileen is a Pisces, with Leo rising and Moon in Virgo. She loves nothing more than a great musical event, or being by the water.

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