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This Week in America with Ric Bratton
Issues that matter to you.
Category: Spoken Word
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by Ric Bratton
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November 12, 2019 09:04 AM PST

Mapping Thanksgiving:

Get Some High-Tech Help Navigating the Holiday.

Tech Expert LaToya Drake Shows You How Google
Can Assist You From Heading Home for the
Celebration to Getting the Feast on the Table.

For millions of Americans, Thanksgiving means turkey, parades, family, and the road-trip to reach it all. The holiday is fast approaching, and many are preparing to head home. Google Maps has insight into the best and worst times for traffic, as well as tips for finding things to do with family and friends.

LaToya shares how Google can assist with easing holiday stress.
She has tips for:

* The best and worst times for traffic during Thanksgiving week
* How to share your ETA with loved ones
* Avoiding holiday crowds
* Finding things to do locally and occupying holiday visitors
* How to discover new recipes and get help in the kitchen
* Learning about the favorite Thanksgiving recipes in your state

While everyone’s final holiday destination is unique, there are many common stops along the way. Data from Google Maps can provide insight into the places people visit around the holidays and the best times to get on (or stay off) the road.

LaToya Drake is a founding member of the News Lab at Google. She provides television and radio commentary on news, social media and pop culture trends, and has appeared on dozens of programs including The TODAY Show, CBS Early Show, CNBC, CNN American Morning, HLN, FOX News, ABC News, Good Day New York and NPR. She is a graduate of Georgetown and Florida State University.

November 08, 2019 09:21 AM PST


Does God exist? This book considers the main arguments for and against this proposition from the Five Ways of St Thomas Aquinas to the Teleological Argument and the Argument from the Existence of Evil with a preliminary outline of the factors helpful to assessing the arguments, in layman's language.

Is Jesus divine? This book reviews selected biblical evidence for and against this proposition with an assessment of the persuasive value of this evidence including a comparison of modern evidentiary standards with those at the time the Gospels were written.

What is the mission of the Catholic Church, its authority and authenticity, taking into consideration the Reformation denominations? Also covered are some controversial issues such as the Church and Money and adult access to official Church teachings.

What are the modern Christian concerns about issues such as abortion, euthanasia, cloning, stem cell research, terrorism, child sexual abuse and other issues, especially those on which the Church has no dogma or firm teaching?

About the Author
Born 1 March 1944 in Germany. Migrated to Australia with parents in 1949.
Educated at St. Patrick’s College, Strathfield NSW from Fourth Grade to Leaving Certificate in 1961. Obtained Commonwealth Scholarship and attended Sydney University obtaining Law Degree (LLB) in 1969. Did post-graduate studies in Criminology obtaining Diploma in Criminology in 1971. Further post-graduate studies in Arts in 1972-3.
Employed as an Instructing solicitor in the Office of the Clerk of the Peace during 1969-70. Self-employed as a Barrister 1971-1977. Employed as a solicitor with GIO handling major medical mal-practice litigation from 1978 to 1992. Employed as a solicitor in Law Society of NSW Professional Standards Department 1992 to 1999 when I retired.
I married in 1968. My wife died in 2003. I have no children. My interests are reading, theology and sport and I still play tennis and golf regularly.


November 08, 2019 09:18 AM PST

Believe, Believe, Believe by James Henry Lincoln Sr.
Get ready to step into greatness! This is not just a book—it’s a journey of discovering where you are, who you are, and who God is. He is calling you out of Egypt to walk freely into your promised plans and purposes for your life. They are waiting to be fulfilled. Come and experience THE ULTIMATE JOURNEY that will establish intimacy with the Almighty God. This book shows you how to trust God completely—how to live in perfect alignment with God’s plan for you.

James Henry Lincoln Sr was born in New Castle, PA> He graduated from New Castle Senior High School. After graduation, he enlisted in the United States Air Force and retired from the United States Air Force in the grade of Master Sergeant. James spent 22 years in the United States Air Force traveled to such places as the Republic of Korea, Japan, the Island of Okinawa, and Hawaii along the way earning two (2) Air Force Commendation Medals and one (1) Meritorious Service Medal. While stationed in the State of Ohio, James underwent a radical transformation when he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into his life. James was called into ministry of the Gospel as an evangelist-teacher in August, 1994, and was licensed as a Minister at Calvary Christian Center on June 8, 1997.

James is on his way to being known as a motivational speaker and author who inspires and encourages people to be all that God called them to be.

November 08, 2019 09:09 AM PST

ALL FOR BC by Barbara Hagen

All for BC shares a collection of poetry that Barbara Hagen has written to encourage Bill Cosby and others during their darkest moments. It includes poetry about love, encouragement and support, activism and faith.

Barbara Hezlep Hagen began her professional writing career by writing articles on Associated Content (now Yahoo.com).Having been inspired by an interview with Michael Jackson, she wrote and published a book for him called “ALL FOR MJ; A COLLECTION OF MY FAVORITE POEMS.” More recently, she has published such blogs on the internet as “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A COMPULSIVE GAMBLER” and “WRITING WHERE AUTHORS FEAR TO TREAD.”
Barbara is currently working on a book for President Trump called “ALL FOR DT, POETRY FOR OUR PRESIDENT” to be published by the end of 2019. She is currently living in California along with her husband of sixteen years.

November 08, 2019 09:06 AM PST


This is the story of a woman who pays too high a price for love. At first glance, Janice and Christopher Blunt seem to have the ideal marriage; in fact, Janice's love for Chris is so strong that she foregoes the pursuit of a higher education to marry him. They have three beautiful children, a home, and a great deal of happiness - or so it seems.

As the years pass, Janice notices a change in Chris, but tries to smooth over any disagreements in the hopes that their love will remain strong. Because Janice's belief in the sanctity of marriage and the commitment it entails is so strong, she refuses to face reality and see Chris for what he really is: a liar and an adulterer who has repeatedly taken advantage of his wife's trusting nature.

The true conflict of emotions comes when Janice has no choice but to face the truth about her husband. The enormity of the decision she must make - a decision affecting every facet of her life - threatens to render her helpless, causing her greater mental and physical anguish. Janice's choice - and the grace and dignity with which she carries it out - will serve as an inspiration to all those forced to choose between their belief in the sacred union of marriage and their own personal happiness.

Geraldine McCall is a Florida Native, having been born in Pompano Beach, Florida. She now calls Fort Lauderdale, Florida her home.

Geraldine retired from the State of Florida, Department of Transportation after many years of faithful service. During her employment she worked as the System Administrator for moves, adds and changes (MAC’s) and instructed computer software classes.

Geraldine is a member of First Baptist Church Piney Grove where she works with the Society of Missions, Circle Mary of Bethany, the Deaconess Board and attends ladies Sunday School classes regularly. She is a lifetime member of the NAACP and a lifetime associate member of Florida A&M University Alumni Association, Broward Chapter, where she has held the positions of assistant secretary and secretary. She also is serving as the Ecumenical Celebrations, and Ecumenical Action person for Church Women United (Florida).

Geraldine loves to work in her garden and traveling. She is the mother of three, grandmother of nine and great-grandmother of five.Geraldine has authored five books.

November 08, 2019 09:02 AM PST

As a young kid, I think I was part of the last generation to experience a viewing for a family member in the person's home.
Death of a loved one is painful enough, but when you see them in the environment which held memories of laughter and games and apple pie; The comprehension of those times are now tainted with sorrow that haunted the minds of young kids that were not mature enough to experience such a sad event.
The events depicted in this story are reminiscent of time more than 60 years ago when some young children were required to pay their last respects to departed family members and friends. The sadness, the fear, the lack of comprehension inundated the very soul of a child, yet it was believed the very spirit of the departed would not be at peace until all family members acknowledge there love.
This is a story of the weakness of one child in a very desperate and unrelenting situation.

November 08, 2019 08:58 AM PST

APOCALYPSE: TRINITY VOLUME 8 by Jean-Marie de la Trinité

Mr. Trinité’s Apocalypse continues his epic masterwork Trinity. It is the monumental story of Rain, the superman-mystic charged with gathering together the last remnant of mankind and bringing them to the safety of the Mountain of God during the final battle between the forces of light and darkness, of good and evil, at the end of the world. It is a tour de force delving into the depths of Mystical Superconsciousness as the vehicle and crowning achievement of human evolution. Here is a literary masterpiece of extraordinary spiritual beauty and power.

JEAN-MARIE DE LA TRINITÉ, born in Gary, Indiana, is a Beatific Mystic who has seen God Face to Face in the Unveiled Vision of the Holy Trinity, the singular Vision which is reserved for the blessed in Heaven.

He is a mystical theologian, philosopher, spiritual guide, novelist, poet, and painter whose literary works and paintings examine the depths of both Mystical Experience and the Beatific Vision, the former of which he has ensouled since birth culminating in spiritual marriage with the Holy Trinity at the age of 29 when he became a lay Dominican at Saint Dominic’s Church in San Francisco, California in 1969, while the latter, the Beatific Vision, he experienced twice in transient possession of this greatest and most extraordinary of all spiritual gifts when he was 24 years old at Gonzaga Hall, Loyola University Chicago in 1964, the intellectual memory of which has inhabited his soul without diminishment ever since.

His Transient Possession of the Beatific Vision of the Holy Trinity and his subsequent spiritual marriage with the Trinity have determined the entire course of his life and thought, his career as an artist and writer.

TRINITY, his 12,000-page, 18-volume masterpiece, is written on the subject of his Divine passion, some volumes of which are available here at amazon.com.

He studied classical philosophy, existentialism and theology at Loyola University Chicago; Hindu, Buddhist and Sufi mystical traditions at The University of Chicago; and patristics and scripture at The University of San Francisco.

He has presented papers in the USA and in Rome, Italy on mystical theology, beatific theology and philosophy. He is a hermit residing in spiritual reclusion in Fresh Meadows, New York.

November 08, 2019 08:53 AM PST


Alkawther Makki demonstrates her broad imagination by portraying many forms of personas like an actress in different roles. Her innocent character reflects her real life experiences. On the other hand she can be a witty character in her melodramic roles, provoking a new and unsurpassed thrilling form of poetry filled with grand illustrations, captivating readers to an exhilarating edge!

As an extraordinary philosopher, Alkawther Makki stresses her incentives for promoting a grandeur ethical humanity; which may be sensed in poems and strongly expressed in proverbs, vindications and assertions. Her theories and definitions, quotes, and vignettes add to this overpowering literary tool for youth, students, teachers and any person pursuing formal or self education.

November 08, 2019 08:49 AM PST

THANK GOD I MADE IT by Marvin K. Anderson and Dr. James Waldrop Sr.

A true-life event of how God delivered brother Marvin Anderson from an accident which left him at the point of death. In a last moment of faith, he asked the Lord to let him live to tell the story and witness for God. God allowed Marvin to heal and tell the story.

Dr. James Waldrop Sr. born in the great state of Mississippi, parents of the late Moses and Katherine Waldrop. Born and raised on the farm, worked hard as a child, taught the value of working for what you wanted. Now living in Ruleville. MS still full-time employed and also a pastor serving God's people. My desires in life are to be able to help someone understand the true blessings of our God. I am married to Mary Waldrop and we serve in this gospel movement together.

November 08, 2019 08:45 AM PST


Why this book? Gordon's middle aged clients came for advice on how to get back on track. Many wished they had done things different earlier. One summed it up with "My father gave me good advice but I didn't use it".

Why would any teenager use good advice if they don't understand why they should?
Proverbs 14:6 "Knowledge is easy to him that understands". We want to help youth understand why financial savvy today will impact their future.

Youth need to understand why - this book helps!...
About the Author
Gordon Hughes CFP became a financial planner in 1991. Previously he worked in Banking and Credit Management but felt he could better serve people as an advisor. Gordon earned designations in credit management, lifestyle planning and financial planning. In 2009 he incorporated his own life insurance and investment sales company. Smart Choice Life Inc. brokers products from 20 Life Insurance companies to offer products best suited to their clients. They work for their clients - not for a company.

In 2011, a year after his son Greg died Gordon and his two daughters started a scholarship program in Greg's honour to assist children of low income families to enroll in music, art, dance or acting programs. The company is the 'Youth Advantage Project for Culture Inc'.

Gordon has authored a financial advice column in The Daily Gleaner in Fredericton NB. His column shared actual mistakes people made and suggestions to help others avoid those pitfalls. He didn't regurgitate commonly held beliefs; he used real life circumstances and doable solutions.

His predictions have been surprisingly accurate. In 1998 when interest rates were around 7% he predicted that we would see 2% GIC rates within 5 years. He recommended that seniors purchase life annuities before the interest rates declined. Hindsight affirms that was a wise investment choice for many. Another prediction in 1998 was that we would see 20% 30% even 40% growth followed by a 50% drop. In 2000 the Toronto stock exchange was at 11,000 and dropped to less than 6,000 by 2002. Basically similar results repeated growth in 2005, 2006, 2007, and a drop in 2008.

Gordon welcomes inquiries. Call 506 454-3346 or email Gordon@SmartChoiceLife.com

Sponsored by Smart Choice Life Inc which has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
And its non-profit sister company the Youth Advantage Project for Culture Inc....

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