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This Week in America with Ric Bratton
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Category: Spoken Word
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by Ric Bratton
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May 28, 2020 05:04 PM PDT


Quite often, we see things only when we are looking for them. This lead me to begin looking for glimpses of God in my day-to-day life and all the things that were directly part of my life or just in the world and events around me. In the pages of this book are observations and insights from life-glimpses of God that I only saw because I was looking for them, for him.

I found insights into my heavenly Father and his relationship with me, his child, as I looked at and listened to everyday events as a father to my children. That led me to insights about us as human beings in relation to God and each other. That opened my eyes to new perspectives on scripture. I became more aware of God's presence all around us. It helped me bring God into my world. This helped me realize our successes may mean more than we think, and our failures may be of more value than we realize.

You have a very personal relationship with an almighty God who knows your name, knows everything about you, and desires a very personal relationship with you. His relationship with you is different from any other relationship he has. It's special to him. Take it. Own it. Make it yours. Look for him. Catching glimpses of him day to day will change your perspective. It will change your relationships with your family, people around you, even with yourself. And it will change your relationship with God.

Mike grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a graduate of Georgia State University and has held several corporate positions over the years. Mike spent much of his 20s working with teenagers through his local church in Georgia. It was at this time he became a regular at Metro Bible Study in north Atlanta, playing an instrumental role in the growth of his faith. He has been married to his wife for over 25 years and they share three boys. While living in Atlanta they attended NorthPoint Community Church and continued their faith journey. Mike was active in sports, primarily baseball, growing up. He has always enjoyed working with kids and sports presented a great way to do that providing him the opportunity to coach number of youth baseball teams. The family moved from Atlanta to the Phoenix area twelve years ago and they currently attend Christ Church of the Valley.

May 28, 2020 04:48 PM PDT

THE SMOKEY LOUNGE by Jose Gabriel Garcia

The writing style to this book is again on relationships, lonesomeness, the hip scene teenagers and adults talk about, and, on another topic, nature. Poems written in Spanish have been followed by the English translation as well. I held on to the shamanistic realm of depicting nature, though not as strongly as in my first book. The language is generally smoother around the edges. This in focus grants the tone of the book and mood on a lighter note.

Hello, I am a poet and noticed my talent potential as a Junior in High School in 1993. I have been fortunate to have a completed works from that time and completed enough to add to my first publishing Finger Hingez. This book is all poetry and the largest in volume in comparison with Smokey Lounge the second publishing by I. Finger Hingez is detailed with dates at the end of poems and prose; and time and date at other poems: A significance to the rocky road adventures at times and a corralling finality to poems imagery and exclamations. I had a great deal of fun directing my expressions and emotions at my talent then in all fortunes a team to motivate possibilities affordable to publish and create covers and formats inspiring to do more with ease.

At, Smokey Lounge, I decided to go to a higher level of the abstract and sublime of Finger Hingez with some of Finger Hingez poems. The completion and the team work with both AuthorHouse and Lulu staff were very worth the efforts in all due mentioning every step of the way, thank you I look forward to publishing a third book some-time soon.

Since Finger Hingez published in 2006, I have not been influenced in the essence of poetry. It has been nine years to this second book and publication. My reading material in this span of time has revolved around crime fighting novels and adventurous stories. I strongly believe going green is the direction all civilization needs to head to preserve our spot in the future and am involved in saving wildlife, wildlife reserves, recreational parks, and planting trees. I now live with my wife and two beautiful daughters in New Mexico.

The kindle format looks great with same hard copy type fonts. Book sign ins another future hopeful. If you enjoy reading poetry you will enjoy my books. Thank you for your time.

May 28, 2020 10:45 AM PDT

MOMMY MOMMY: LOOK THE MAN ONE LEG! by William Dalmas with Martine Dalmas

Children ask so many questions and want to be engaged with their world at an early age. Once the social protocols (Manners) are learned, the boundaries are limitless.

About the Author
Born in Sacramento, California and grew up in San Diego, California. The beach was his salvation. Not formally educated but was always able to read the writing on the wall. Running down the hallways of many hearts it enables him to open the doors of life. At the poker table of life, he played the one card that meant so much to him, love. His mantra is to champion as many lives as possible.

May 28, 2020 09:32 AM PDT


Do you have limited time to read? Do you want a complete, satisfying story in ten pages or less? This is a collection of short stories and personal essays illustrating life’s challenges faced by men and women of various locales and time periods. These include a Savannah widow who must house four of General Sherman’s officers, an urban gardener whose cabbages keep disappearing, a TV cooking show hostess who recounts her greatest humiliation, and a fiddler who develops arthritis in her neck. Each faces the challenge differently, and I discovered an unusual gift in dealing with mine: the ability to communicate with family and friends who have died.

Diane Gustafson is a retired college librarian and professor of research skills. Her other published books are Mary Christmas: short stories spanning two centuries and Dakota Rose. Her hobbies are writing, travel, reading, and playing the fiddle and percussion instruments. She lives with her husband in a San Diego suburb. Visit her website for more info: www.dianegustafson.com

May 28, 2020 09:29 AM PDT

Messages: Flowing with Synchronicity by Denny Daikeler

Denny Daikeler is amazing. She puts into words what so many of us need to think about. Most people live their lives oblivious to the little 'magical' messages. It is in this guidance that there is a POWER out there patiently waiting, aware of our travails. It will steer our lives, if only we will look deeper. Daikeler sees the magic, is in touch with the POWER that lives around us, so ready to give us faith and fortitude. The 'Message' is there for us . . . if only we choose to see and believe. -Jonathan Daly, actor and playwright

Every story in this book is true and happened exactly as it's written down. Each will expand your awareness and show you how magical, how limitless, and how truly connected life can be if you open to the possibility. Trust, a leap of faith, and an open mind are all that's required. This book is about a journey of wonder, and it's anyone's to live.

DENNY DAIKELER'S life had been filled with a career as an interior designer, authoring the design book What Color Is Your Slipcover? published by Rodale, raising a family, keeping fit, being ordained as an interfaith minister, and being a part of a very liberal church community. An owl responded to her request of "I want to see the owl". Synchronicities had occurred in her life before that time, but the owl's appearance began a stream of appearances and events that gave her messages and guidance beyond what she had seen as reality. The stories in this book reveal those occurrences and how they became significant to her life and her soul connection. This new awareness has taken her life in powerful directions, creating a deep sense of hope and joy.

May 26, 2020 06:53 AM PDT

Ric Catches Up with Investigative Journalist Diane Dimond As She Highlights Six of the Most
Riveting Headline-Making Stories
on Investigation Discovery’s …

ID Presents: Nine at 9

Dimond is at the helm of six of the nine specials and can speak about the cases of Brittany Murphy, Heather Elvis, Faith Hedgepeth, Kyron Horman, Jeffery Epstein and Jennifer Dulos.

The special event begins with an exploration of the disturbed psyche of serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, chillingly narrated from his police interview transcripts in Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster on Monday, May 25 at 9pm. Throughout the nine-night event, ID will world premiere five intriguing new specials from its breakout hit series, An ID Mystery, including: the controversial cause of death of Hollywood starlet Brittany Murphy; the disappearance and probable murder of Heather Elvis; the unsolved murder of college student Faith Hedgepeth;the heartbreaking missing person case of 7-year-old Kyron Horman; and the complex mystery surrounding the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos. On Sunday, May 31 at 9 pm ET, ID will premiere the three-part expose, Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein?, exploring the repugnant saga and questionable suicide surrounding the convicted sex trafficker. Then, the mystery and suspense programming event culminates with an explosive tell-all from the TV producer who was embedded with Joe Exotic from the beginning with The Truth About Joe Exotic: The Rick Kirkham Story, on Tuesday, June 2 at 9pm ET.

Diane Dimond is one of the few journalists to have mastered the art of her craft across several platforms – radio, television, books and internet publishing. Dimond began her journalism career as a radio newscaster and crime reporter for KOB Radio, before taking over as a news anchor on NPR’s All Things Considered. She then worked as a Capitol Hill correspondent for the RKO Radio Networks, a correspondent for WCBS-TV in New York and the Senior Investigative correspondent for the syndicated program Hard Copy, where Dimond built a reputation as a dogged investigative journalist, breaking the story about claims of child sex abuse against entertainer Michael Jackson. After anchor/reporter stints at CNBC and MSNBC Dimond moved to Court TV, where she again got the exclusive on another case of child molestation allegations against Jackson. She covered the subsequent criminal trial through Jackson’s acquittal in 2005. Dimond’s book, “Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case” is seen as the definitive work on Jackson’s legal troubles.
For more info, visit:

May 22, 2020 07:03 AM PDT

Reach For the Stars This Memorial Day Week:

Space Launch Live: America Returns to Space

Watch the LIVE extravaganza from the comfort of your own home
as Discovery and Science Channel document history in the
making when Americans blast back into space.

Wednesday’s NASA launch of
SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Capsule marks the first crewed
space mission from the U.S. since 2011.

Ric Talks with former astronaut Mike Massimino,
who will be providing insight for viewers during the live launch.

Space Launch Live: America Returns to Space will be simulcast live coast to coast on Wednesday, May 27 at 2pm ET / 11am PT, live from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The event marks the first crewed space mission to be launched into orbit from U.S. soil in nine years. A star-studded celebration will proceed the launch as well as a two-hour documentary airing on both Discovery and Science Channel.

The live multiplatform event will take viewers along the mission to launch veteran astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the ISS on a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft. The mission, known as Demo-2, will use a Falcon 9 rocket, also built by SpaceX, to propel it. Discovery and Science Channel coverage will feature commentary from astronauts, engineers and other special guests, as well as unprecedented coverage during launch, including insight from Mike Massimino.

Mike Massimino is a former NASA Astronaut, a New York Times bestselling author, a Columbia University engineering professor, and an advisor at The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. A veteran of two space shuttle missions and four spacewalks, Mike was the first person to tweet from space, holds the team record for the most spacewalking time on a single space shuttle mission, and successfully completed the most complicated spacewalk ever attempted to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. Mike persisted through three rejections over 7 years on his way to becoming an astronaut, including overcoming a medical disqualification by training his eyes and brain to see better. He has had a recurring role as himself on the CBS comedy “The Big Bang Theory,” is the host for the Science Channel Series “The Planets and Beyond,” was featured in National Geographic Television’s “One Strange Rock,” is a frequent expert guest on news programs and late night television (including Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, CNBC, and The Late Show with David Letterman), and has been called the real-life astronaut who inspired George Clooney’s role in the movie “Gravity.” He lives in New York City.
For more info, visit:
https://www.discovery.com/ &

May 21, 2020 01:04 PM PDT

THE BLUE ORB by Suzy Vivian

Hundreds of years ago in the land of Uranallee, a powerful wizard creates a blue orb capable of amplifying directed thought with just a few words. It lies dormant for many years, until a coven of vile witches discovers it and develops a plot to take over the world.

Zarcon is a great wizard who fears the witches have the legendary blue orb that provides them with more power the longer they possess it. One day after he hears someone riding toward his castle at a frantic pace, he opens the door to Jasmine, a young woman who has just stolen the orb and somehow escaped from the pack of wolves chasing her. After she enlists help from Zarcon to help her protect the artifact from the witches who will do anything to get it back, they must embark on a perilous journey to seek help from another. Will they succeed in their quest or will the witches catch them and once again obtain the orb?

In this fantasy story, a young woman and a great wizard set out on a journey to protect a powerful artifact from evil witches determined to keep it in their possession so they can rule the world.

Suzy Vivian graduated from the University of Utah with a master’s degree in Public Health.  She grew up in Utah and has lived there all her life.  Suzy is currently living in St. George, Utah with her crazy cat, Tazy.  Time with family and friends is one of her greatest pleasures. 

 She is currently working on a sequel to her book, The Blue Orb, and is enjoying the process.  The story of Jasmine and Donavan continues to intrigue her.  Their love story is one she is excited to tell. 

May 21, 2020 01:00 PM PDT


Why are we here? What are we supposed to do on this earth? Who created us?
Humankind has struggled with these questions for millennia. We’ve created complex societies, religions, and theories to answer them, but we’ve ignored the simple truth.

Dennis Patrick Treece shares this truth with readers of all faiths and persuasions. Treece was in an airplane when he first heard the voice of a spirit guide. The voice told him that he needed a pen and paper because he was going to write something important down. A Million Monkeys is the message that followed.

Treece wants to remind readers that they are special. It took billions of individual chemical and biological events for humanity to develop into its current state. Yet many have no concept of the uniqueness of their existence. They waste their precious time in cycles of hate and anger.

Treece encourages readers to find a different way to celebrate the Creator and his creation. He inspires everyone to dedicate their lives and their time to love. It is through love that the current course of humanity can be changed so that we can be in harmony with the rest of the universe.

Dennis Patrick Treece spent thirty years in the army. He saw combat and was wounded in action. After retiring from military life, Treece created a second career in security.
Treece is now retired and enjoys spending time with his wife, helping her with her art business, and working in the couple’s vegetable garden.

May 21, 2020 11:04 AM PDT

IT DIDN'T BREAK ME! by Sky Monroe

The book is about a young lady who has been through a a lot and it almost caused her sanity, somehow she seemed to have made it through everything that was thrown at her, a must read to find out how this young lady not only is surviving but is overcoming!

About the Author
I believe people would be interested in Sky's unique voice because she is able to relate to a lot of the hardships that many experience and suffer in silence and she is a voice for those people. She is a honest writer yet she is inspirational. She speaks on spiritual things in a very unique perspective that many may not have examined before. Sky has been through a lot but she is a fighter and she does not give up and she wants others to have a piece of that and she only hopes to motivate,help,and inspire someone to be who they are at their best!

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