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This Week in America with Ric Bratton
Issues that matter to you.
Category: Spoken Word
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by Ric Bratton
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July 28, 2019 09:30 AM PDT

The Honey Pot by David Cameron
This book is of a sexually explicit nature, it outlines how our government enacted a covert operation to combat secret plots against the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA.
There are scenes that may challenge your sense of morality, so if you are squeamish at being exposed to life in all its sexuality than don't read it, but if you want to be sexually aroused and
be lured into a thrilling adventure than hang on to your hat.

July 25, 2019 11:03 AM PDT

15 Water-Rich Foods to Help You Stay Hydrated & Detoxified:
Simple Ways to Eat Your Water

by Susan Smith Jones, PhD
A fish without water can’t breathe, and we can’t live without water either! According to our guest today, staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to stay vibrant and youthful no matter our age, and to also maintain a proper body weight, but most of us are dehydrated without even realizing it.

So staying hydrated is definitely an essential part of staying healthy. While drinking water can easily meet this requirement, eating lots of water-rich foods not only helps you meet your proper hydration needs, but it also offers a wealth of health benefits.

Today our guest, holistic health expert, Susan Smith Jones, PhD, gives talks worldwide on optimum nutrition and they always include simple ways to keep the body hydrated with water and more. Today she will focus on how to keep your body hydrated with foods high in water content along with a little information on each food and why staying hydrated is so important.
SusanSmithJones.com BooksToUplife.com

July 25, 2019 09:11 AM PDT


Elaine thinks of the ways she and the princess are the same and the ways they are different. Both had dramatic childhood experiences, Elaine lost her father when she was fifteen and Diana had her parents' divorce. Both had eating disorders, Elaine had a mother who she could never please with her weight and Princess Diana had her eating disorder. Elaine had a love affair in with a sergeant in South Dakota and Diana had an affair with the Captain.

Elaine remembers how she met Jesus on a long drive from Texas to Arizona when she was nineteen and she thinks about Princess Diana and the mother Teresa. Elaine remembers her trips to the Middle East and how if effected her life. Elaine thinks about the Princess and her work with children. Elaine thinks about her year tutoring children in Five Points in Denver, and her years working in the special needs kids in Dallas.

Virginia lives in Montgomery, Alabama, with her dogs and cats. This is her first book. She was born in Texas and lived the first eighteen years of her life in Texas and abroad. She works in technology and has a BS degree in telecommunications management from DeVry University in Irving, Texas. Virginia has traveled widely abroad in her years. She has been a Christian for thirty years. The purpose of this book is to encourage those who don't know Jesus to find him. Virginia has done all types of work in the Church and now focuses on her writing.

July 25, 2019 09:06 AM PDT

CONSPIRACY by Alfred Adams

The aircraft accident depicted on the front cover of this book is considered the worst air disaster in the history of Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona. It is also an autobiography from when I grew up in New York City and moved to Glendale, California to today.

July 25, 2019 09:00 AM PDT

PIERCE ON THE PALM by Malachi Isaac

Purity born from evil creates all power. The devil found his Antichrist and wants to use his power to take all life. But little Dominic just wants everything to be still. After escaping his first fate, he finds a small cabin in the woods to hide from the world and the devil who will never stop picking at him.

July 25, 2019 08:56 AM PDT


"We Can Do More and Better with Less: Education Can Work", 2019 Edition, demonstrates with specific details how education can:
1. Do more and better with less. Money is not the problem. It never was the problem and
it's not the problem now.
2. Understand systems and their significance in driving results.
3. Restructure the current 19th Century education system with a 21st Century one
designed for success of all, win-win-win for students, teachers and taxpayers.

4. Produce high achievement for virtually all students.

And much more.

Thomas F. Kelly, Ph.D. is a lifelong educator with over 50 years of experience from pre-kindergarten through the doctoral level as a teacher and administrator. Dr. Kelly's academic training includes a bachelor's degree and five graduate degrees. Professional experience includes working poor and minority, middle class, affluent students and adults.

The only limitation to people's ability to learn is how many opportunities they have to learn. Dr. Kelly believes that if we rate the ability of all students to learn and the capacity of the present system to teach on a scale from 1 to 10,the student's ability is 10 and the system's capacity to teach is 1.

July 25, 2019 08:52 AM PDT

JUST FOR THE SUMMER by Laurel Lorraine Lancer, Ph.D

Laurel's disturbing and abusive childhood, followed by a poor marriage, resulted in a month-long visit to a mental hospital, where in the 1960s, the use of electroshock and insulin shock therapy was prevalent. With humor and pathos, Laurel poignantly describes her insulin and shock treatments, the insensitivity of the hospital staff, and the numerous psychiatric problems of various patients. The author, now a PhD. in psychology, relates her memoirs with insight and compassion. In addition to the mistreatment of mental patients in the 50s and 60s, the accounts of various psychiatric disturbances will be of particular interest to students of human nature. Similar to "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," Laurel's story of her thirty days of treatment provides an expose of the pitifully inadequate treatment for mental health issues at that time.

Dr. Lancer retired from teaching and counseling. She earned advanced degrees in higher education and psychology. She has two children. As she grew older she wanted to tell her story. Currently Dr. Lancer is writing and illustrating children's books. This is her first adult book

July 25, 2019 08:48 AM PDT

GO ASK THE DEAD by Frank Tropea

This new book is about a love-affair gone dangerously wrong between a very psychic girl, Amanda Mannings, and a Gettysburg Civil War ghost named William who was a young, rather handsome Confederate officer when he, like many thousands of others with him were, killed in that infamous battle.

She becomes obsessed totally with him and his paranormal love-making skills. However, finally when they disagree on something very important, he turns violent and abuses her both sexually and allows his ghostly fellow soldiers liberties with her, too.

And she's pregnant at this time, supposedly by Craig, a normal young man who was briefly Amanda's husband.

Can Amanda finally defeat the evil dead who surround her and want to kill Craig and possibly herself, too?

This is about finding the strength within oneself to defeat evil once and for all.

Frank Tropea graduated from Harvard in 1984 with a major in Literature and minor in Psychology. He became a member of Mensa and Intertel. He writes both novels an poetry.

July 25, 2019 08:41 AM PDT

Clean Windows 4 Ever
Where There Is a Window, There’s a Way
By: David J. Obbink

David J. Obbink is here to enlighten and educate you on how to attain and enjoy clean windows! With knowledge from being in the service of window cleaning for over twenty years, Obbink shares his most valuable knowledge, techniques, and secrets. Any questions, concerns, and frustrations are answered within this book.

About the Author

David J. Obbink, while not cleaning windows, can be found out in nature and exploring the many lakes that surround his home in Minnesota, along with bass fishing. He also plays different sports, such as ice hockey and table tennis.

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