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This Week in America with Ric Bratton
Issues that matter to you.
Category: Spoken Word
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by Ric Bratton
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October 04, 2018 09:42 AM PDT

New Theatrical Release:
The Samuel Project

Ric talks with the Co-Stars of this
Inspiring New Comedic Drama,
Acclaimed Actor Hal Linden and
Former Disney Star Ryan Ochoa

The Samuel Project is a powerful story about one teen’s discovery of the heroism within his own family history when he chooses his grandfather as the subject of his senior art project. Particularly relevant today, the film explores the use of art to tell a story of generations coming together and preserve the history of an individual who kept his painful story secret, even from those he loved.

Eli (Ryan Ochoa) is a teen who dreams of being an artist, and his grandfather, Samuel (Emmy® and Tony award® winner Hal Linden) calls his grandson’s artwork “doodling.” As they work together on Eli’s art project, they get to know each other for the first time, and eventually Eli learns how his grandfather was saved as a boy in Nazi Germany. The result is a story Samuel hasn’t told in 75 years, and one that allows three generations of Eli’s family to finally connect with one another.
​ ​ ​
Hal Linden is a Tony Award®-winning actor, singer and musician known for stage projects like The Rothschilds and The Gathering as well as the long-running detective sitcom Barney Miller. Featuring a distinctive, groovy theme song, Millerwas a long-running hit. Linden received seven consecutive lead actor Emmy® nominations for the show. Linden would go on to win several Daytime Emmys®. Over the decades, he has continued to forge a rich career as both a screen actor and live performer in a range of projects. In 2011, Linden released his debut album, a collection of standards dubbed It’s Never Too Late.

Ryan Ochoa was discovered at age five, running around his dad’s furniture store in San Diego, when a talent manager approached and said “he should be in commercials.” His feature film debut came in The Perfect Game. Ochoa’s big break came in 2008 when he was cast in Disney's A Christmas Carol, written and directed by Academy Award® winning director Robert Zemeckis and starring Jim Carrey. Ryan was then cast as 'Chuck Chambers' in a recurring role on Nickelodeon's hit show iCarly, and as a series regular on Disney XD’s Pair of Kings. He was also lead in the movie Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend. Ryan is in a music group with his three brothers called “The Ochoa Boyz.”
The Samuel Project in Theaters Nationwide Oct 5th

October 04, 2018 07:18 AM PDT

Life Interrupted: It's Not All About Me by Chris M. Tatevosian

Life Interrupted-It's Not All About Me by multiple sclerosis sufferer, Chris Tatevosian guides others with chronic illness or disability to control feelings of self-pity, worthlessness and diminishing self-esteem keeping their relationships strong and loving. A physically debilitating illness is difficult enough, Tatevosian strives to help others avoid allowing this situation from becoming emotionally crippling as well. Open, frank and filled with invaluable advice, this is a book for anyone who wants to deal positively with illness or strengthen a relationship.

A candid and humble memoir about one young man's diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and how his 'poor-me' attitude cost him his marriage. Chris hopes others might learn from his mistakes to communicate more effectively and not allow disability and low self-worth to destroy relationships. Chris also writes about his faith in God”.

October 04, 2018 07:15 AM PDT

Stand Alone by Matthew Duke Rodgers
Duke Rodgers is an incredible young man with a miraculous story of perseverance, determination, and faith. Duke reveals the struggles endured by a person with a Traumatic Brain Injury and how the laws designed to protect and assist TBI survivors can be ignored by the very institutions that should have a willingness to educate and train. As Duke chronicles his life from the time of the injury through his struggles to graduate from the University of
Missouri, the reader is introduced to a young man of great promise and potential whose life
was changed on a Missouri highway when he was severely injured and, by all medical probabilities, should have died.

Duke’s miraculous story is one of inspiration and hope to all people who sometimes struggle and question if God is there. His story is proof of the miraculous healing power of God and how God’s grace, mercy, and love can overcome even the most doubting expectations of man. As you read Duke s story, I hope you are moved to
have more compassion and understanding for those who suffer a life altering disability, but
most importantly, I hope Duke’s story challenges each reader to come to a saving knowledge
in our Savior Jesus Christ.

October 04, 2018 07:09 AM PDT

The House Of Remember When by Scott Jameson Sanders

The House of Remember When focuses on a middle-aged man, Neil Moreland, who is dealing with a broken marriage, a boring job, and an estranged father suffering from dementia. Written in first-person narrative, the story weaves significant life events into his present-day problems as Neil attempts to put his life and family back together. From the beginning, Neil is drawn to an old abandoned home that turns out to be a time portal that allows him to go back in time to relive past moments in his life.

With the help of a guide, Dobie, he chooses events that had a significant negative or positive impact on his life and personality. Unlike with a theoretical time machine, Neil is not able to change his actions or the outcome of the previous event, but he is able to review the experience and see it from a new perspective. In the process, Neil is better able to deal with the death of a significant loved one and to fill the emptiness in his life. Learning that faith and trust are critical to any relationship, Neil takes one last trip back in time to his wedding day to review his vows to his wife, Rachel.

Scott Jameson Sanders is currently an independent business owner with a degree in psychology and an MBA in finance. He has been writing virtually his entire life and has completed many short stories and over twelve screenplays. He and his brother are also avid songwriters with over four hundred songs in their combined portfolio. Beginning with the support of his English teacher in ninth grade, Scott has had a lot of experience in creative writing and storytelling. He is married and has two teenage children, both adopted from China.

October 04, 2018 07:03 AM PDT

Eternal Harmony: Part One, Act One Welcome to the Abyss by David Wu
The Grand Angel seeks to create a world of perpetual peace and prosperity through mercy and redemption. One girl living in the town of Balearty follows each and every one of the Grand Angel’s laws and edicts. She is rewarded by having her entire life planned out ahead for her. Then one day she confesses to committing a sin that cannot be redeemed and was executed for her actions. However, forces beyond her comprehension bring her back to life with a simple goal in mind for her: decide for yourself on what must be done.

About the author
My name is David Wu and of the time of this writing I am a twenty year old man-child living in New York. I graduated from Great Neck South High School in 2014. I have been working on Eternal Harmony since the summer of 2013 and I have been fine tuning it ever since. I hope you enjoy my first attempt at professional writing as much as I did imagining and writing it.

September 28, 2018 08:03 AM PDT

100 Sermon Outlines for Personal and Group Bible Studies to Preaching and Teaching God's Word by Joseph Jeremiah

Joseph Jeremiah was born on the Island of Grenada, located in the Caribbean, and spent his early years there with his parents, brothers and sisters. On the secular side, he worked in the accounting field until 1965 when he migrated to the U.S. According to the demands of life, he saw it necessary to return to school, and graduated in the field of accounting. Here in the U.S. he worked in accounting while being heavily involved in the ministry with some of his churches in the Washington D.C. area. In 1990, Joe was ordained to full-time ministry as an Itinerant Evangelist and Bible teacher in the U.S. and elsewhere by the Colmar Manor Gospel Chapel in Maryland and he takes his ministry seriously. Bro. Joe is married to Uldine and they now makes their home in the Orlando, Florida area. They have two grown daughters, one in North Carolina and one in Virginia.

September 28, 2018 07:33 AM PDT

Late Beginner by Donald Cohen


No more isms, no more ists

No more arses need be kissed.

We know we’re on the ropes

please don’t short-change our hopes.

Oh well, what the hell

Last minute orders may still be met.

Pour for us all single-malt whiskey.


We’re not dead yet.

About the Author
My first voyage was at the age of three months. Born in Johannesburg, I was taken to London. By the age of two I specialized in falling flat on my back, a skill I perfected throughout my life. After the war broke out in Europe, we crept about the oceans in a blackedout ship, to reach the United States by way of Australia. When America entered the war we could not travel and so remained in New York City until 1945. I was returned to South Africa at the age of ten where I remained until the age of 18, later going to University in England where I lived for 23 years. I became a film assistant director and then an editor What's a chap like you doing in an industry like this? was the first word anyone said to me. At that time I showed some poems to a friend of mine, a successful Broadway writer, who told me to put them away in a drawer and look at them ten years later. I did just that and didn't write a word until five years after I opened the drawer. Some years later, I moved to Switzerland, where I now remain, having in the preceding years become husband father and grandfather also I participated in many small venture capital companies, then worked as a professional photographer. Am I now a poet?

September 28, 2018 07:13 AM PDT


A Story of Survival

Fred grew up in the city with not a lot of money. As a young man he survived a terrible accident, only to find himself paralyzed from the neck down and his fiancée dead. But with two children to think of, he couldn’t give in to despair.

Waking from a months-long coma, he endured many surgeries and much physical therapy, went into a nursing home, and learned everyday living all over again. Breathing, talking, eating, drinking, and sitting up in a chair. Through all the hard work, pain, and humiliation, he fought for a second chance at life. It was all worth it to be with his family.

Fredrick Sipe was born in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1976. He is a quadriplegic and lives at home with his mother and two kids. His family overcame a lot of tragedies in their lives. So Fredrick decided to write about his accident, and other things that happened throughout his life.

September 27, 2018 08:10 AM PDT

MALDENE by Mark Anthony Tierno

Maldene is a world of magic and science, wizards and dragons; but home also to an incredible secret. One jealously guarded by History's most villainous being: Miro. For centuries his presence has been plaguing the nightmares of gods and men; the world is in his thrall, there is no one willing to face him.

Or perhaps there is. The young wizard Sabu, and his elven friend Eldar, lead their companions on a journey to seek a destiny foretold them by a blind gold-skinned gypsy. Fighting a three-hundred foot dragon will be but the beginning of this quest, as they journey the globe in search of answers to the mystery of Miro's villainy, and uncover the world's long-buried secrets. For they are destined to lead a new battle against this most ancient of evils, to gather all beneath the banner of a mysterious King and face the unfaceable.

There is just one problem: Miro is counting on their success.

"A world beyond time... an adventure beyond imagining.

A full-time author and ghostwriter, Southern California native Mark Anthony Tierno has crafted a truly epic fantasy novel that will take you to the ends of a world of magic, alien vistas, and ultimate evil. He holds a Master's Degree in Physics, which often plays well in his creation of other worlds, and is the author of both the Maldene series and his Inspector Flaatphut series, as well as others yet to be seen. He is currently working on a few other projects, this time with a couple of writing partners, as well as making his infamous pomegranate jelly.

September 27, 2018 08:04 AM PDT

ROCKET MAN by Earl Perkins

We set sail on this new sea . . .

On April 9, 1959, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) introduced Americas first astronauts to the pressScott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, John Glenn, Virgil Grissom, Walter Schirra, Alan Shepard, and Donald Slayton. The seven men, all military test pilots, were carefully selected from a final group of thirty-two candidates.

But the real truth of NASAs search for Americas best pilots is not found in the thirty-two finalists that eventually produced Project Mercurys heroic list of space pioneers. The Original Seven Mercury astronauts chosen to lead Americas charge into a new frontier were certainly worthy. They were Americas best and brightest.

But perhaps the very best never got the chance and served his country in obscurity.

Earl Perkins always wanted to be a sports writer, but the allure of writing a novel with a great story to tell has always been a dream for him.

With no formal training or education other than graduating from U.S Grant high school in his native Oklahoma nearly fifty years ago, Perkins is retired from the University of Oklahoma and shares a country home with his wife of nearly 25 years, Kathy, in Newcastle, Oklahoma.

Earl and Kathy have a son, Ryan, and two daughters, Shannon and Amy, and two grandsons, Micah and Seth.

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