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This Week in America with Ric Bratton
Issues that matter to you.
Category: Spoken Word
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by Ric Bratton
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June 28, 2018 05:44 PM PDT
June 28, 2018 05:23 PM PDT

Athapaskan Matriliny and Trade
in Canada and Alaska

Centuries ago, what could have happened to the face of trade of one of the most progressive states in the world today? Dr. Wayne Wallen, B.A. M.A. developed a thesis on the Athapaskan native tribe in Canada and Alaska in attempt to trace the origin of the maternal clan system, as opposed to the typical paternal lineage of the rest of the world. Numerous interesting facts were found out, discussed and elaborated in the book including how and why certain clans, and division of these clans, were identified, associated and sophistically named after animals i.e. Wolf and Raven clans. It was a marvelous adventure of digging into the past and how the perceptions and practices of powerful and influential clans from before affect and mold the trade and commerce which made North Western America flourished so much, and governed the world today.


Wayne W. Allen was born in Ottawa, the capital of Canada and graduated from North Grenville District High School in Kemptville, Ontario. He has a B.A. and a M.A. in Social Anthropology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, a Diploma in Public Administration from Carleton University and a Diploma in Business from Algonquin College in Ottawa. He has worked as a teacher in Quebec, the Bahamas, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan before going into computer operations and retiring from IBM Ottawa in 2009. The author is currently retired and living with his wife in Ottawa

June 28, 2018 05:18 PM PDT

The Adventures of David and Kringer in Italy
Author: Eddie R. Johnson Jr.
About the Book
David and Kringer hope you enjoyed their Adventures in Italy. Please join them on their next JOURNEY

About the Author
Eddie Johnson Jr. • Hails from Kannapolis, NC • Graduated from South Rowan High School in China Grove, NC • Retired from the United States Air Force after serving 24 years • Worked at the Pentagon 17 years and traveled extensively with Members of Congress on overseas missions • Visited 58 countries • Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Law — Troy University • Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology — University of Maryland • Master of Science degree in Education — University of Southern California • Married to Geneth Yano • Two children — Camille and Eddie

June 28, 2018 05:14 PM PDT

Under the Silvery Moon by Diana Hankla

There are millions of children in the United States who have had one or more parents deployed overseas while serving in the military. These children ask many questions about what their deployed parents are doing and why. "Under the Silvery Moon" answers some of their questions about other cultures and the services their parents perform. We salute all branches of our military and the jobs they do to protect our freedom and the freedom of others.

Born and raised in Plano, Kentucky, Diana G. Hankla was the fourth of seven children. Raised on a farm, she learned the value of hard work, helping others, and the power of the written word at an early age. When her mother went to work as a librarian and bookmobile driver, books were plentiful. Books became an important part of her childhood and writing became a passion. After teaching children how to read, write and love books for 38 years in Kentucky and Indiana, she finally began putting her own writing into print!

June 28, 2018 08:17 AM PDT

Some of the Most Momentous WWII Missions
Took Place Beneath the Waves…

Smithsonian Channel’s Hell Below
Gives Viewers a Deep Dive into Submarine Warfare Sundays at 9pm ET/PT

Ric Speaks with Award-Winning Author and Military Journalist
James M. Scott about Our Nation’s Most Dramatic
Submarine Victories and Tragedies

Submarine attacks are among the most feared forms of maritime warfare. During World War II, the U.S. Navy and the other Allied powers faced off against German U-boats and Japanese forces set on unrestricted submarine warfare. Smithsonian Channel’s popular series Hell Below, which begins its second season on July 1, details both the successes and tragedies of these underwater conflicts in World War II and during the Cold War. The series also profiles the strategic and military masterminds behind these submarine campaigns and the rapidly evolving technology used in stalking and battle. Each hour-long episode features expert analysis and stock footage along with dramatic re-enactments filmed aboard authentic World War II era submarines, placing viewers in the heart of battle.

One of the experts featured in Hell Below is James M. Scott. An award-winning writer and former reporter and investigative journalist, James has reported from Afghanistan, Iraq and tsunami-devastated Indonesia. His acclaimed book The War Below – based on more than 100 interviews with submarine veterans – tells the story of the submarine force that helped win World War II by ravaging Japan’s merchant fleet and destroying the nation’s economy. His previous book The Attack on the Liberty won the prestigious Rear Admiral Samuel Eliot Morrison Award for Excellence in Naval Literature. His most recent release Target Tokyo was a 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist.

To learn more about Hell Below, visit:

June 27, 2018 04:39 PM PDT


What compels someone with almost no experience of sailing to go and buy an eight-ton, thirty-foot cruising yacht? Especially when it’s located not only in another city but in another state! Why would someone like that risk sailing the boat home on a 1,600-nauticalmile voyage, even if it meant facing the daunting prospect of sailing through hundreds of miles of the largest reef system in the world across the infamous and fickle Gulf of Carpentaria and the open waters of the tropical Arafura Sea? This book has an often humorous description of events in an easy-flowing journal style. The progress of the voyage can be followed closely with map illustrations and photographs, and the descriptions of day-to-day-to-day events provide a wonderful insight into what life at sea on a cruising yacht might be like. Rich passages describe equipment failures, rough seas, being caught in torrential defiles, airless days, wondrous anchorages, sites of historical interest and scenery . . . and how a man became a sailor.

Russ Swan is an Australian born in Longreach in central Queensland of Australia. In his younger days Russ worked in sheep-shearing sheds and a law-courts office. He was called up for National Service in the Australian Army, serving in the Vietnam War and followed with an Army career. After discharge he drove taxi-cabs for a while before joining the Northern Territory Police where he continued to work for 19 years. Russ is a cruising sailor with several voyages completed in Australian and Indonesian waters. He’s also a freelance travel-writer and author having published magazine articles and another book “A Tanimbar Experience”. A third book is currently being written as a sequel to “Lowana Comes to Darwin” and books on other voyages are also planned. Russ still lives in Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia.

June 27, 2018 12:15 PM PDT

Our Search for Belonging: How Our Need to Connect Is Tearing Us Apart by Howard J. Ross

We are living in a time of mounting political segregation that threatens to tear us apart as a unified society. The result is that we are becoming increasingly tribal, and the narratives of life that we get exposed to on a daily basis have become echo chambers in which we hear our beliefs reinforced and others' beliefs demonized.

At the core of tribalism exists a paradox: as humans, we are hardwired with the need to belong, which ends up making us deeply connected with some yet deeply divided from others. When these tribes are formed out of fear of the “other,” on topics such as race, immigration status, religion, or partisan politics, we resort to an “us versus them” attitude. Especially in the digital age, when we are all interconnected in one way or another, these tensions seep into our daily lives and we become secluded with our self-identified tribes. Global diversity and inclusion expert Howard J. Ross, with JonRobert Tartaglione, explores how our human need to belong is the driving force behind the increasing division of our world.

Drawing upon decades of leadership experience, Ross probes the depth of tribalism, examines the role of social media in exacerbating it, and offers tactics for how to combat it. Filled with tested practices for opening safe and honest dialogue in the workplace and challenges to confront our own tendencies to bond with those who are like us, Our Search for Belonging is a powerful statement of hope in a disquieting time.

Howard J. Ross is the founder and chief learning officer of Cook Ross, a diversity and inclusion consulting company. He is one of the nation’s leading diversity consultants and a nationally recognized expert on diversity, leadership, and organizational change. From 2007 to 2008, Howard served as the Professor-in-Residence of Diversity at the Johnnetta B. Cole Global Diversity and Inclusion Institute at Bennett College for Women, where he became the first white male to hold a professorship in Diversity at a historically black women's college. Howard serves on the Diversity Advisory Board for the Human Rights Campaign and he is a regular guest on The Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU, the Washington, DC NPR affiliate station.

June 27, 2018 12:11 PM PDT

by Dr. Susan Smith Jones

I think it’s accurate to say that we would all like to live with empowering faith, confidence and vigor and be on the fast-track to living balanced, peaceful and successful lives. If these topics interest you, then today’s program with Dr Susan Smith Jones is perfect for you. Everything we discuss today can be found in much more detail in her new book "Be The Change: Living with Faith, Confidence and Vigor" which is available at Amazon and also her website in 5 different formats, including an autographed copy by Susan with a note card and bookmark. You can read the entire Foreword and Afterword for the book, as well as view a Sampler of the contents, on Susan’s website.

June 26, 2018 11:07 AM PDT

Topple: The End of the Firm-Based Strategy and the Rise of New Models for Explosive Growth by Ralph Welborn PhD and Sajan Pillai
What made businesses successful yesterday is not what will make them effective tomorrow.

The most successful, and explosive growth leaders of today—and tomorrow—reflect a new competitive reality: the new competitive landscape will be shaped less by firm-specific strategies than by business ecosystems.

The objective of Ralph and Sajan's book is straight-forward: to help organizations understand what business ecosystems are, what makes them different, and how to take advantage of them so that they can identify and capture new sources of value in new ways.

Packed with examples and models, Topple is a pragmatic field guide that allows businesses to make sense of and take action in our changed competitive landscape and the ecosystem-centric business models that underlie it.

About the Author
Sajan Pillai is CEO of UST Global. He led the company's founding team of just twenty people in 1999. Eighteen years later, UST Global has grown to more than 18,000 employees operating in twenty-one countries around the globe.
Sajan is as enthusiastic about nonprofit work as he is about business, and serves on the boards of multiple nonprofit organizations, including the California Science Center, The Global Virus Network, Centro Fox in Mexico, and PEACE One Day Corporate Coalition.
Sajan holds an engineering degree from College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. Science, technology, community, and the arts inspire him as he engages in community initiatives in and around Orange County, California, where he lives with his family.

Ralph Welborn has spent over twenty-five years providing business and technology advisory services to both private and public sector organizations globally. He has held a variety of leadership positions, including CEO of Imaginatik, the market-leading innovation advisory and platform company; leader of IBM's Strategy & Transformation business in the Middle East and Africa; senior vice president at KPMG Consulting; as well as a cofounder of an e-commerce company.

The common thread in much of Ralph's work is the design and deployment of new business models to capture explosive growth. His work draws from both wicked problems and work in health care transformation, new models of public-private partnerships, and digital banking.
He has a bachelor's and master's degree in global public policy and a PhD in philosophy of science from Boston University. He lives in Boston with his family. He can be reached at ralph.welborn@gmail.com.

June 21, 2018 11:50 AM PDT
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