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This Week in America with Ric Bratton
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by Ric Bratton
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December 07, 2018 08:17 AM PST

The Top Trending Videos of 2018 are Revealed.

It’s Time for the… YouTube Rewind

Ric Catches Up with Head of Culture & Trends
at YouTube Kevin Allocca.
He’ll Share His Thoughts and Analysis of Videos that
Defined Pop Culture in 2018.

Whether launching a global career or rallying people in far corners of the earth to a cause, YouTube connects and entertains the world. People around the world are now watching a billion hours of YouTube’s incredible content every single day, and they don’t just view a popular video, they remix, share, parody, and build a fan community that extends far beyond the watch page.

YouTube’s annual Rewind reveals the list of the top ten trending videos that captured the spirit of the year and were celebrated by people around the world.

This year was full of surprises and pop-culture phenomena that represents the amazing variety of creativity brought to YouTube each day. To determine the top videos of the year, YouTube looked at the many ways people interact with videos to identify the ones that everybody was talking about in 2018.

Kevin Allocca is the Head of Culture & Trends at YouTube, where he has spent over 8 years tracking popular video phenomena and managing trending content initiatives. He is YouTube's expert on the intersection of web video and global culture and his TED Talk on "Why Videos Go Viral" has been watched over 2 million times. His book, VIDEOCRACY: How YouTube Is Changing the World . . . with Double Rainbows, Singing Foxes, and Other Trends We Can’t Stop Watching,which explores YouTube's most interesting trends and the impact of video on our culture, was published by Bloomsbury in 2018.

December 06, 2018 11:45 AM PST

The Future of Tech Is Female: How to Achieve Gender Diversity by Douglas M. Branson

An accessible and timely guide to increasing female presence and leadership in tech companies

Tech giants like Apple and Google are among the fastest growing companies in the world, leading innovations in design and development. The industry continues to see rapid growth, employing millions of people: in the US it is at the epicenter of the American economy. So why is it that only 5% of senior executives in the tech industry are female? Underrepresentation of women on boards of directors, in the C-suite, and as senior managers remains pervasive in this industry. As tech companies are plagued with high-profile claims of harassment and discrimination, and salary discrepancies for comparable work, one asks what prevents women from reaching management roles, and, more importantly, what can be done to fix it?

The Future of Tech is Female considers the paradoxes involved in women’s ascent to leadership roles, suggesting industry-wide solutions to combat gender inequality. Drawing upon 15 years of experience in the field, Douglas M. Branson traces the history of women in the information technology industry in order to identify solutions for the issues facing women today. Branson explores a variety of solutions such as mandatory quota laws for female employment, pledge programs, and limitations on the H1-B VISA program, and grapples with the challenges facing women in IT from a range of perspectives.

Branson unpacks the plethora of reasons women should hold leadership roles, both in and out of this industry, concluding with a call to reform attitudes toward women in one particular IT branch, the video and computer gaming field, a gateway to many STEM futures. An invaluable resource for anyone invested in gender equality in corporate governance, The Future of Tech is Female lays out the first steps toward a more diverse future for women in tech leadership

About the Author
Douglas Branson is the W. Edward Sell Chair at the University of Pittsburgh. He is author of 23 books, including No Seat at the Table: How Corporate Governance and Law Keep Women out of the Boardroom (NYU 2007), and The Last Male Bastion: Gender and the CEO Suite in America’s Public Companies.

December 06, 2018 11:42 AM PST

Be Chief: It's a Choice, Not a Title
by Rick Miller

Conventional wisdom has long defined “Chiefs” as rulers of people—those at the top of the organizational chart who hold the most power. We’ve always viewed Chiefs as “special,” selectively chosen to lead others. The perception in business and society is that only those at the top have the power to be Chief.

Conventional wisdom got it wrong. And that needs to change. Now.

Be Chief: It’s a Choice, Not a Title obliterates the idea that only Chiefs with titles hold real power, a notion that’s been holding us back from achieving our true potential. It’s time to realize our true power. Be Chief shows us how.

Be Chief isn’t just for managers and executives—it’s for anyone in any organization.

Author Rick Miller has transformed organizations from startups to multinationals—helping frontline workers, managers, and executives at all levels achieve personal and professional growth and establish meaningful connections between what they do and who they are.

The ability to tap the collective power of Chiefs at all levels holds the key to sustainable growth that today’s companies demand and so many of us crave.

According to survey after survey, a lack of engagement has enveloped today’s workplace—at least seven in 10 workers are not giving 100% on the job. You may be one of them.

It’s time for a new way to think about where power comes from, and consider new tools to help leaders build organizations full of empowered Chiefs. Be Chief delivers the tips, tools, and case studies to do just that.

Be Chief reveals the choices essential to achieving individual and organizational transformation and growth.

Rick Miller is an unconventional turnaround specialist, a servant leader, and a go-to Chief. He is also an experienced and trusted confidant, an author, a sought-after speaker, and an expert at driving sustainable growth. For over 30 years, Rick served as a successful business executive in roles including President and/or CEO in a Fortune 10, a Fortune30, a startup, and a non-profit. In each case, he was recruited from the outside to turn around poor performance in difficult times.

Rick Miller is a Chief not because of his many high-ranking titles, but because of his ability to bring out the best in others--and in himself--using the choices he developed in his Power Compass, a road-tested sustainable growth model he created over the course of his successful career,and which he shares in this book and continues to use with his clients.

Rick has been in demand for the past ten years as a confidential adviser to many of today's most senior executives, and is extensively connected within the global business and leadership communities. Rick continues to serve senior executives by offering broad business experience in six specific areas: customers, competitors, costs, capital, communities, and culture. Rick helps senior leaders ask the right questions.

Rick has earned a BA from Bentley University and a MBA from Columbia University.

December 06, 2018 07:39 AM PST

KARAMBA by O.K. Oyenekan

A compassionate government-employed medical doctor stakes everything in an attempt to save his AIDS patients and donor agencies from the exploitation of a corrupt government administration. But can he

In the wake of a gale of AIDS pandemic that sweeps through an African country, along comes a group of international donor agencies to rescue the situation with funds and medical care.

Corrupt government officials take advantage of the situation to line their pockets with sleazy deals, and all hell breaks loose as a self-appointed redeemer, Dr. Cinzano, tries to salvage a seemingly hopeless situation and stop AIDS victims from widespread exploitation…
But can he?

KARAMBA is a metaphor for government’s manipulation, exploitation and gross neglect of the mass of its poor citizenry by a privileged few in government.

KARAMA is winner of the First Horizon Award, the Eric Hoffer Book Award and recipient of The Gold Seal of Literary Excellence.

About the Author

O.K. Oyenekan is a former reporter/journalist who had reported for many newspapers in Nigeria. He also edited an evening newspaper in Benin City, in the southern part of Nigeria, before changing the direction of his career, which has seen him working in the public health programs of The Carter Center/Nigeria (an international NGO) for the past 18 years. His profound knowledge of the workings in government and program minefield that international donor agencies and NGOs operate in, coupled with disastrous consequences of the government's nonchalance, is evident in Karamba, rendered with compassion and aplomb.

Oyenekan attended Baptist Academy, Lagos, Nigeria, and later took an honors degree in English Studies at Nigeria's premier University, University of Ibadan.

He also trained as a journalist at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism in Lagos. Oyenekan has attended many management courses both inside and outside Nigeria, including Management in International Public Health conducted by CDC/Emory University in Atlanta in the fall of 2008. He combines his experience as a reporter and his deft literary skills to tell this story in a way that constantly makes the reader oscillate between tears of laughter and tears of compassion.


December 06, 2018 07:34 AM PST


A Swift Boat is sunk by two rockets from an unidentified aircraft near the border between North and South Vietnam. It is June 15/16th, 1968, around midnight, and now five sailors are dead or missing. Two survivors and several witnesses report seeing lighted aircraft that move and hover like helicopters flying in the area. U.S. Jets are scrambled to the scene and report hits on enemy aircraft.

The following night the jets return hunting the elusive helicopters and in the confusion, one American Cruiser and one Australian Frigate, are hit by air-to-air missiles. The result is two dead and eleven wounded aboard the Australian ship and minor damage to the American Cruiser.

An investigation, based on pieces of U.S. Missiles found on the two ships, determine that it was “friendly fire”.
This sailor was aboard another Swift Boat, PCF-12, patrolling south of the sunken boats position. Ordered to the scene to assist in the rescue, PCF-12 came under attack by helo type aircraft, identified as hostile, receiving one rocket and machine gun fire. This Swift Boat returned a deadly barrage of 50 caliber machine gun and other small arms fire causing the two helos to break contact and run away. The crew believes that one of the helos was damaged or shot down by this hail of gunfire.

The investigation findings were “friendly fire” mostly because of the lack of wreckage of the helos and the pieces of Sparrow missiles found on board USS Boston and HMAS Hobart. News accounts attempted to connect the two incidents by blaming the same pilots for attacking the ships and sinking the Swift Boat.
This book uses official records, logs, and message traffic to back up eye witness testimonies that refute the “friendly fire” decision.

There are many people affected by this story. Those of us that were there have carried pieces of this incident in our memories for 37 years. Families and friends of the dead and missing have wondered about the truth behind the decision of “friendly fire” vs “hostile fire”. This book will answer many of those questions and put many lives at rest again.
James W. Steffes ENC, USN Retired

From the Author

Prior to writing this book I struggled with nightmares about the night of 16 June 1968. Many variations of the story passed through my nightmares, with a common theme. Why did the crew of PCF-19 have to die that night. Why did the U.S. Navy rule it "friendly fire"? What if I had not been able to fix their electrical problem, forcing PCF-19 to return to base for repairs. PCF-12, the boat I was on would move up to replace PCF-19 and been hit and sunk.
Finding others who experienced the same thing that night gave me the motivation to write this book. This is not only my story, but the veterans that were there and a tribute to the men we lost.

About the Author

I was born and raised in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Always amoured by the sea and adventure, I joined the U.S. Navy at the age of 17, serving aboard several ships and shore commands totaling 26 years service. Continuing a second career as an HVAC Mechanic.

December 06, 2018 07:31 AM PST


THE NIGHT THE MIDWIFE CAME TO CALL is the recollections of a modern Midwife. It is mostly autobiographical, although there are times when two situations of different births fit one birth with more excitement. All birth stories are essentially true, the names may have been altered for privacy of the client or the Midwife. The stories begin in 1974 and go through 2003. It would be impossible to recall all the births as there were sometimes 3 or 4 births a week, even 3 in one day at one point. I have selected details from the most exciting births to keep your interest and for me to recall some of the most wonderful times of my life. I retired in 2003 as I was diagnosed with severe panic attacks. But the memories linger in my mind and heart, and I want to put them on paper in some fashion of organization to recall in my later years.

Also the parents I lived with and delivered for will enjoy reading their story and sharing it with the baby born. I have lent my memories out to several friends for their opinions and they all said I didn't write enough, they wanted more to read. I hope those reading this book will feel the same way, find a Midwife who also delivered babies at home and pick their brains for stories unique to them. Every midwife has her own stories that will delight and intrigue you, ones no other Midwife has experienced. In the enclosed chapters I explain my desire of wanting to deliver babies at a time when hospital births were the norm, and my process of education to realize the dream.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I have enjoyed writing it down for you and for me. Love and affection to all my babies and their parents and extended families I was able to meet at such a precious time in their lives.

Melinda Bybee was born in West Texas and lived her childhood years in Dallas. She has been married to an Engineer for Lockheed-Martin for 41 years and they live children. In the early married life of Melinda and Donald they served as foster parents for the State of Texas. In that time they loved and cherished 10 different children, until they either were adopted or went back to their own parents. Melinda's love children was shared by all her children and her husband. When she was 28 years old she decided along with some girlfriends that she wanted to deliver babies at home. It was a struggle to get the education needed for the task as there were no other Midwives in Dallas at that time. Sheer determination on the part of all the aspiring Midwives helped their dream come true.

In the interim, Melinda's own children grew up and asked for her services and she was able to home deliver her five grandchildren successfully. One was delivered in a frank breech position and the two of the grandchildren were born six months apart. All this being said and done. Melinda wants to freeze her memories on printed page for the enjoyment of all she helped in this and in the future generations. Grey hair is a blessing but you got to go gracefully and with a song in your heart. This book is Melinda's song hope you sing along with her.

December 06, 2018 07:27 AM PST

A NEW BEGINNING by Alyss Morgan

It was the year 1773. Anne Spencer and her siblings set their foot in Boston during the latter years of American colonial era. They belong to one of the aristocratic families in England. However, after the death of their parents in a carriage accident, it was learned that their father incurred a considerable amount of debt, the payment of which left them penniless. As if the bad luck wasn’t enough, her fiancé broke their engagement, shattering Anne’s dream of having a good home with a good husband and wonderful children. They were forced to live in the slums of London and Anne and Tim hardly make ends meet.

Coming to America was a way to start all over again. Anne had heard good things in the colony and was determined to give her two brothers and sister a good future. She had been raised well and was trained to manage the household and properties by her mother, qualities which she had shown in America where she immediately established a good name, being a hardworking barmaid. But that reputation will soon vanish when she refused the advances of an English officer, who in turn spread rumors that she was a woman of loose conduct. She lost her job and her dream until Theo, a man who had seen her real character, offered her marriage that would redeem her name and give her and her siblings a comfortable life. Theo had been a lonely man after the death of his wife. He was childless and was looking for an heir.

The times had been frightful when the Americans demanded freedom from England. Amid those turbulent years, their love for each other strengthens, and their dream of raising children in a place where equality was of utmost importance came true.

December 06, 2018 07:23 AM PST

SPACE RANGERS by Sebastian Deras

Two kids fall down a sewer and they find a secret base for robots that were training for war. The boys trained hard. They meet their foes along the way. They feel the urge to train for a battle like no other. They will take a win for the world to stop the aliens from destroying the universe. Will the boys take the risk to save the universe? Find out in "Space Rangers".

Sebastian is a ten year old fifth grade student. He loves to read. He loves his family. He has siblings: 3 sisters and a brother. He is very happy with his life and hopes to become an outstanding author one day. Her believes nothing is impossible and that impossible is simply a barrier. He trusts in God 24/7. He also plays video games and enjoys school.

December 04, 2018 09:39 AM PST

From Facebook & Google -
To What You Buy & Your Location
Most Every Entity Collects Your Personal Data.

Corporations and Marketers Make
Billions of Dollars on Your Data.
Even Your Medical Records are Sold to
Make Money Off of You.

Hu-manity.co is the Company Behind the 31st Human Right,
Empowering People to Own Their Data as Property.

Ric Talks with author and entrepreneur Richie Etwaru, AKA as ‘The Patron Saint of Trusted Commerce,' about how our personal data is being bought and sold in a human data marketplace, valued at an estimated $150-200 billion annually, without being respected as our own property.

Richie Etwaru is an American business executive, author, global keynote speaker, adjunct professor and patent holder who specializes in the next era of commerce termed “Trusted Commerce”. With roles at Fortune 500 companies for two decades, he serves as advisor to venture capitalists, startups, governments, academia, and large organizations on transitioning to Trust Companies. Richie’s 2017 book Blockchain Trust Companies, Every Company is at Risk of Being Disrupted by a Trusted Version of Itself is used by universities, consulting organizations, and governments, and his TEDx talk Blockchain Massively Simplified has been viewed almost 1 million times.

Hu-manity.co is the world’s first and only organization developing human rights and corollary sovereign laws in a decentralized manner on blockchains. The world’s first and only decentralized human rights App built on blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, will enable humans globally to claim a new human right, establishing legal ownership of our inherent human data as our property.
For more information, visit:

November 29, 2018 11:41 AM PST

Iterate: Run a Fast, Flexible, Focused Management Team by Ed Muzio
Amazon Best Seller in Teams
Amazon Best Seller in Management

Iterative Management Is Nimble Management

This book is a guide to the iterative organization, the only kind of organization that can learn and adapt fast enough to keep up in today's world. For anyone running a team of managers, or advising someone who does, it describes the fundamental behaviors that create iteration, explains how to implement them, and includes videos and online assessment to get the process started. Iterate defines what management really is and helps readers create a fast, flexible, focused management team that does it well.

Ed Muzio, award-winning author, CEO, and ''one of the planet's clearest thinkers on management practice,'' provides a research-based blueprint for a management team that will take the next best step for the organization in any situation. This book enables senior leadership, front line and middle management, and human resource executives to equip their teams with both knowledge and practical skills so that they not only understand their own purpose but also perform that purpose well amidst ever-changing conditions. Iterate will help readers create measurable business results on any management team, of any size, in any industry where complex work and frequent change are the norm.

About the Author
Ed Muzio's mantra is ''Higher Output, Lower Stress, Sustainable Growth.'' He is CEO of Group Harmonics and author of Make Work Great (McGraw-Hill, 2010) and Four Secrets to Liking Your Work (FT Press, 2008). Both books won Awards of Excellence from the International Society for Performance Improvement. He is a leader in the application of analytical models to group and organizational effectiveness and output, including whole-group intervention, simulation, facilitation, and instructional design.

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