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This Week in America with Ric Bratton
Issues that matter to you.
Category: Spoken Word
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by Ric Bratton
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March 19, 2020 05:27 PM PDT


This book attempts to bring into focus information that may or actually has been missed in interpretation over the span of two thousand years or more. There seams to be a gapping void in linguistic definitions between time, cultures, monetary, political, personal, and corporate interests.

March 19, 2020 09:26 AM PDT


One who searches for what is not lost is a fool: " ! The book "THE LOST DUTCHMAN MINE and PEG LEG PETE MINE" may lead one to the forgoing conclusion in regards to the Lost Dutchman Mine. However, after over five years of research and writing this writer can state that his conclusions are not fact nor fiction, just supposition. However, the book is designed to allow the reader to answer the forgoing questions about fact or fiction about the Lost Dutchman Mine. In regards to the Peg Leg Pete Mine (a supposition essay) the reader is allowed to answer the question about factor fiction for themselves.

This writer's first journey into the past began when he wrote "THE EL MONTE PARK HISTORY" when he was working at El Monte Park (Lakeside, California). as a Park Ranger After, thirteen months of research and writing the completed work (THE EL MONTE PARK HISTORY) contained twelve pages. Years later in an abandoned pump house (8'x16') located in El Monte Park; Artist/Muralist Mona and Ranger Harold Cohn created the "THE EL MONTE OAKS MUSEUM" by Mona Mills, Artist/ Muralist painting murals on the interior walls of the abandoned pump based on the book "the EL MONTE PARK HISTORY".. I addition the second article this write saw published was titled: 'THE GOLDEN ONION" which appeared un the November/December issue of "GOLD PROSPECTOR MAGAZINE". Years later, Ranger Cohn took a one day course offered by Cuyamaca College, El Cajon, California titled: "INDIANS of the Desert". The course was a driving/walking tour of ancient Native American site in the Anza-Borrego Stte Park (California). Lowell and Diana Lindsay of Sunbelt Books were the instructors. it was during this tour this writer saw his first pictograph (example of Native American rock art). Diana Lindsay was giving a supposition explanation of the pictograph to the group (30-35) people. The pictograph measured *'8x12". First she said the meaning of the pictograph could be spiritual. Next she stated the picto

My name is Harold Cohn. I am 74 years. I am a combat Vet of the Vietnam War. I served a aboard the U.S.S. Garnett County LST 821 (the mother ship to a squadron of Patrol Boats River in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, 1967/1968. I am also a retired Park Ranger, County of San Diego. While I was a Park Ranger, I made my first attempt at the writing. The result t was the El Monte Park History. It took 13 months of research and writing to write the El Monte Park History. Years later I with volunteer labor of Artist/Muralist Mona Mills an old cinder block pump house, 8"x16", became the El Monte Oaks Museum at El Monte Park, Lakeside, Ca.. Since, "One picture is worth a thousand words, I have attached three photos of the El Monte and the Murals within to this BIO. During my research for the El Monte Park History I became interest in Native American life and history. This lead me to seeking Native American rock art, petroglyphs & pictographs. I self-published a book of interpretations of Native American rock art at lulu.com titled: "THE STONE SPOKE". I am a published poet. My poem titled: "F14" was published in the October 1992 issue of issue of "The Poetry Conspiracy" magazine ( painting by Mona Mills Artist illustrating the "F14" poem is attached on the topic page. The topic was "RAIN" San Diego. My favorite poet is e.e.cummings. My favorite poem by e.e.cummings is "anyone lived in a pretty how town". I have had two articles published in magazines. The first article published was a short-short title: "The Halloween Story" in "the villager" MAGAZINE, October, 1992. The second article (another short-short) was published :GOLD PROSPECTOR" magazine November/December 1996 issue was titled: "THE GOLDEN ONION". In addition I self-published the book and e-book titled: "CRAZY OLD MAN" The book "CRAZY OLD MAN" contains poetry, prose , fiction a play and what ever this CRAZY OLD MAN found interesting. THE book/e-book CRAZY OLD MAN is available at amazon.com. I am currently writing a non-religious interpretation of the BIBLE title: "THE BIBLE ACCORDING TO HAROLD". GOD willing I will finish it. If you want to write creativity I recommend reading the book titled: "Writing Down the Bones " by Natalie Goldberg. In closing. writing is for the young, the old, and the bold!

March 19, 2020 09:21 AM PDT


This is a self-help book for caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients. It is easy to read and easy to follow. It will ease the burden of caregivers by giving advice and clarifying the nature of Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Eric Pfeiffer is a recognized expert on health and aging. He has written a book on successful aging and a book on how to recover from life-changing adverse events.

March 19, 2020 07:40 AM PDT

Unearthing the Mysteries of One of the
World’s Most Famous Historical Sites:

Pompeii: Disaster Street

CuriosityStream will televise the first large-scale excavation of
Pompeii in this new world premiere documentary,
which recreates the final hours of those that died in the
eruption’s aftermath.

Ric Talks with Executive Producer Steve Burns,
about the surprising revelations discovered in the legendary city
that’s been buried for 2,000 years.

CuriosityStream will televise the first large-scale excavation of Pompeii – once known as the crown jewel of the Roman Empire – in Pompeii: Disaster Street, premiering on March 19. Viewers follow archaeologists over 10 months as they uncover layer after layer of stone and ash, revealing evidence of daily life, works of art, mythical figures, and human remains buried for 2,000 years. With exclusive access granted to film the first excavations in Pompeii in 70 years, Pompeii: Disaster Street reveals the unexplored parts of the city and captures the major findings that emerged in front of CuriosityStream’s cameras.

After decades of neglect, Italy and the EU funded the rescue archaeology operation in this new area of Pompeii, the famous historical site visited by 3 million tourists a year. With five generations worth of scientific advancement at their disposal, the archaeologists highlighted in the film are not simply attempting to restore mosaics and the city’s architecture, they are uncovering details about the people that inhabited the area at the time Vesuvius erupted.

To portray an accurate picture of what happened in Pompeii on that fateful day in 79 AD, CuriosityStream filmmakers took painstaking steps to recreate the society’s environment through a production that spanned two years. As a result, the findings contribute to a new understanding of this infamous day in human history.

Executive Producer Steve Burns is a two-time Emmy Award-winner (5 Years on Mars; Spirit of the Rainforest) whose career in documentary filmmaking spans more than 25 years.

For more info, visit:

March 18, 2020 12:42 PM PDT


“Electra is exceptional. She knows that. And she also knows her extraordinary abilities – the paranormal aftermath of a near-death experience at birth – are secrets that must never be revealed. Her life depends on it.”
That is chapter one’s opening paragraph from “The Girl with the Lightning Brain,” the first of six novels in the “Lightning Brain” action-adventure series for which the first three are complete. The novels are written to be different than contemporary novels. Readers can enjoy the books on whatever level they choose:
Readers should enjoy the book on whatever level they wish:
· Gripping action-packed thriller
· Glimpses into a plausible near-term future
· Insights for dealing with the “human condition”
· Illustrative worldview philosophy
· Fast-paced, suspense-filled emotive narrative and imagery
· Introduction to topics every reader wants to know
· Interesting talking points going beyond sound-bites
The novels are prime candidates for creating an action-adventure film series.
Our main character, Electra Kittner, is 18 years oldwhen the first chapter starts: August, 2115. She has extraordinary cognitive, physical, and emotional abilities caused by a lightning bolt that killed her mother as Electra was born. The lightning bolt rewired her brain’s neural circuitry.

Cliff Ratza considers himself a “simple scholar,” having parlayed four degrees (math and physics, business and computer science) into a career spanning many jobs, companies, and industries. He grew up in Chicago, graduating from top Illinois universities, then launched his business career and later returned to Chicago where he teaches at three universities while working for his consulting business clients.
In addition to novels, Cliff’s writing career includes journal articles, newsletters, press releases, and Websites. He dedicates the series to readers everywhere.

March 18, 2020 12:37 PM PDT


Our guest today, Susan Smith Jones, PhD. will talk in detail on how to prevent getting the Corona virus by boosting your own immune system and, if you get it, how to heal from it in record-breaking time. Her immune-boosting natural remedies are important and protective whether you are concerned about the Corona virus, or the common cold or the flu.

The Corona virus, also known as Covid-19 is a kind of common virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses or upper throat – and it can travel to your lungs. Most Corona viruses are not dangerous. And 99% of people who get this virus will be fine after a time of self-quarantine. It can infect both humans and animals.

March 12, 2020 06:53 PM PDT


Book of Poetry written in the form of Psalms and Song of Solomon. A Compellation of Spiritual and Romantic poetic images directed at providing insight into the interaction between God and his Scribe as well as provide a detailed glance into the deep interaction of that same scribe with his love interest and Angels that touch his life. Providing a Human experience touched by Devine influence of an all wise God who shares the emotional bond and intrigue found in his scribe and creation

The Author is a young 42 year old man born August 11th 1977 of Jamaican heritage in Brooklyn NY. He has embraced the Spiritual teachings found in Rastafarianism, Martial Arts, Christianity, Buddhism and Most importantly Judaism. Moses Shehan Dana Lee is a visionary, a philosopher, and a scribe. A spiritual writer with a strong connection to God and Angels. He is a Psychologist in the making, a theologian at heart, and a philosopher with a new take on Spirituality. He is a voice of today speaking about a tomorrow with an accent from the past who has a wealth of information for every reader to digest with the sweetness of milk and honey.

March 12, 2020 06:49 PM PDT


Life is not simple. It changes constantly. Managing everything going on in your lfe, and doing that well, takes a lot of attention, energy and organizing ability. Trouble is, we aren’t trained to do this.

But now, this very readable, practical book, Creating Now will show you how. It will give you the expertise you’ve needed to design and create the exact life you want.
In this life-changing book, Dr Adrian Harrison begins by explaining how the human mind works, immediately helping you to manage your thoughts and feelings more effectively. You will also learn how to
– have more clarity, creativity, purpose, and precision;
– solve problems without stress;
– simplify and create your ideal life;
– appreciate great qualities in yourself and others; and
– move easily toward lasting peace and happiness.
Begin now. It’s time – time to fully experience the life you’d love to be living – time to start making a difference that changes the world.

Dr. Adrian Harrison is a specialist chest physician in Auckland who trained in Adelaide, Sydney and Irvine, California. As a Personal Transformation Author, Life Coach and a Certified High-Performance Coach, he loves helping clients find insights and practical solutions. Visit www.spindoctor.com

March 12, 2020 06:46 PM PDT

PALE BEASTS by John Thrasher

Every human culture has tales of white animals. For example, Native Americans have their white buffalo. Revelations describes a pale horse. Pre-Christian Europe had white unicorns, China has white tigers and white dragons, India actually did have white elephants, and Wales believed in a harbinger of doom that took the form of white owl. The coming of any of these meant drastic change, for good or bad.

In Pale Beasts, six of these creatures show up all at once, to do battle on the hottest day of the year in perhaps the most densely populated city in the United States.

About the Author
I was born in the Truman Administration and raised in Indiana. My earliest memory is of me at 16 months, standing in my crib, playing with ghosts. I don’t now know what was actually happening, but that’s the way I remember it. So of course I grew up convinced that what we can see, feel, smell, touch and hear is not all there is to reality. I write to try to test what else might be just outside our sphere of influence.

March 12, 2020 09:06 AM PDT


Charles Stuart came to Scotland seeking support to dethrone England’s King George II and replace him with his father, James Stuart. If the Highlanders will join his uprising, his promise to them is freedom from English tyranny, as well as guns, artillery and provisions for the battle. However, when the Battle of Culloden began, weary Highlanders had no weapons or food. They faced the King’s British Army who were trained, armed and ready for battle. Those Highlanders who were not killed were taken prisoner.

Janet Cameron’s husband Ewan, captured by British soldiers has died. Janet, unaware of his death, desperately searches for him. Barely escaping capture themselves, Janet and her six-year old nephew, Daniel Cameron, must return to the ruins of their Highland home where the family’s inheritance is hidden.

Janet fears Daniel is the last surviving male of the Highland Cameron Clan. Their trip will be a perilous one as the King’s son, The Duke of Cumberland, called “The Butcher” has given orders to find and kill all Highlanders. Thousands of the King’s soldiers, determined to find and capture Charles Edward Stuart, are searching the Highlands. Janet must return home to uncover what is rightfully hers in order to survive and protect the dying Cameron Highlander line.

Beth was born in south west Missouri where she graduated High school and attended Missouri State College. After moving to Seattle Washington, Beth worked for that state as a Social Worker. She returned to West Plains and served as City Clerk for five years, finally returning to Social Work for the State of Missouri, specializing in Adoption until she retired. Beth and her husband owned and operated three Sylvan Learning Centers during the first few years of the 21st Century, finally retiring again in 2009.

Now she and husband Ken lead small groups on tours to Scotland and Ireland. During her travels in Scotland she became aware of a kindred spirit and found out she had Scottish heritage on both parents’ sides. She is an avid reader and started studying Scottish history which she came to love and which led to her writing her first historic novel “Survival of the Blood”, a story about the last Jacobite uprising and its’ fateful end. A sequel, “Tragedy of the Blood” came into being and was published in December 2019.

Right now she is researching a third novel about life during the early years of settlement in Australia. During her free time, she delights her 7,000 followers with short stories on her Facebook blog “Scotland, Beloved Country”. Readers can also follow Beth’s journeys on her website, www.bethbristowauthor.com

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